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Embrace "The Suck"

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Everything is negotiable.  Whether or not the negotiation is easy… is another thing.  They always want to reduce the fees, but they never want to reduce the value.


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Below are just a few of the services that James provides on a freelance basis.  Contact him with the specifics of your particular project(s) and/or needs for a personalized estimate/quotation.

Note:  James has absolutely no desire to make use of any 'productivity' applications such as Time Doctor, Upwork, etc.  Seriously, don't even ask…  You'll be met with vehement opposition and fierce resistance.


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Job Roles


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Methods of Payment


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Although negotiable, generally speaking, a non-refundable deposit of no less than 67% of the estimate/quotation will be required prior to starting any work.


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Work-Time Things  No Rollovers


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About the Rate Things

Clients obsessed with nickel-and-diming are pathological…  Although James is open to negotiation, and his rates are variable depending upon the individual project(s), there are acceptable and realistic ranges for the associated pay rate(s).

James only wants to work with clients who treat him with the professionalism and respect he deserves.  If you see him in the same light as your kid nephew who 'builds Web sites', then you're setting him up to be screwed over.  Trust me — the only bad clients he's ever worked with were bad from the start.  There was always something unsettling about how their engagement was drafted, and not trusting his gut always led to a nightmare situation at the 11th hour.

James' bandwidth is limited — he can only work on so many projects at any given time.  And, while fear often irrationally leads us to accepting whatever we can get, it's always better to suffer short-term (and, do a little more lead generation and cultivation) instead of working long-term with a toxic client.

If the math doesn't work out with what you want to do and the budget you have to do it… do less.

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