James W.D. Stewart

James W.D. Stewart

Embrace "The Suck"

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Who's this man?  Dude, myth, and/or mega developer — unstoppable robotic ninja?



James, a Canadian Forces veteran, is an information technology consultant.  He's based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada…  However, he's able to telecommute globally though.  He's willing to travel, upon pre-payment of associated expenses (i.e. airfare, hotel, etc.), as well.

James doesn't sugar-coat shit…  He's not Willy fucking Wonka!

James has been professionally developing software since circa 2000.  You may recognize him from cPanel and/or WHMCS.  Although he's versed in several programming languages, he has focused primarily on PHP.


Content Management Systems

Thanks to the variety of available content management systems, you can build and manage your business' Web site effortlessly.  Each day, more and more addons, plugins, and themes see the light of day.  Yet, in many circumstances and usage scenarios, they simply don't prove to be functional enough for those who aren't satisfied with mediocrity.  James can change that state of affairs for you.  Entrust him with your system and he will show you the real magic of automation and customization — right inside of your favourite CMS.


eCommerce Platforms

Online stores are becoming more and more popular with each passing year.  Many business branches grow exclusively within the area of the Web.  You can start your journey with eCommerce in mere minutes due to the powerful platforms which are available on the market.  You're probably aware of the fact that out-of-the-box software might not meet all of your expectations.  James will really come in handy when you need to automate and/or personalize your shop to stand out from the crowd and maximize your earnings.


Web Development

James writes CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP to make a Web site come alive.  From individual business Web sites, to blogs, or even Web apps.


Web Hosting Software

To stay competitive in the ever-evolving market of broadly-defined Web hosting — you can't stay idle.  To avoid being left far behind the others, you should undoubtedly consider using top-of-the-line systems and Web applications.  However, since the possibilities they offer are usually not sufficient for a modern business' needs, this is only half of the battle.  James will customize the software for you, to automate your daily tasks and/or to help you achieve all of your goals.


James is happy to take on most any project…  So, get in touch with him!

DISCLAIMER:  Neither the forces.army domain nor any of its sub-domains are associated with and/or sponsored by any national and/or international government agency or branch of the armed forces in any nation.

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