Prince Charming Isn’t Coming | Live From The Lair

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We made a whole video about “where all the good men went.” Get a clue.

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35 Replies to “Prince Charming Isn’t Coming | Live From The Lair”

  1. I just don't care what women think or want these days. I get hit on here and there by desperate women looking for free meals, attention, help with something etc… I take immense pleasure in telling them no and that I only date women from South America or Asia when I'm there. The looks on their faces is priceless as they scurry away with anger in their faces. I generally like to rub it in their faces all the fun things I'm doing and places I'm traveling too just to cut their legs out from under them. LMAO! They always have kids from different men, mountains of debt and sad little stories to tell and I remain emotionless until I drop the hammer! It's better than reality TV!

  2. So Popp, are you a leader or a complainer? The sad truth is, we need women if we don't want to go extinct as a race.
    We need to go back to 19th century gender roles. No voting for sluuures, they stay in the kitchen preferably pregnant.
    MGTOW is understandable but if we don't fix this fucked up situation your kids are looking at a Islamic Caliphate future.
    Men need to fight and take back what was taken from us, not hiding away in a mancave laughing at sluts.

  3. Pop, I can't help but feeling that we can solve this problem. I mean we can start a series of old homes for the women who feel washed up and under appreciated and have now where to go. There were still men out there who may visit a place like this for for a meal or a blow job, maybe a hot bath. So, perhaps all is not lost! We could call it McLostem!!!!

  4. I got fuckin sick of being hounded by the post wall victims looking for a step-daddy for their hellions and bastards.
    I've grown my hair and beard out and adopted a "eat hot death" stare when I'm anywhere near one of these used up women. So far it's worked perfectly; those that don't run (literally) away, work damned hard to not look anywhere in my general direction.

  5. I had the last one tell me , "marry me so i don't have to work, i'll workout , clean the house and you'll always have dinner and sex" no shit exact words. I asked why the fuck not do that now? The best part of her was the tail lights leaving the drive way when i told her to pound it in her ass

  6. So many of these women have become so awful, prince charming wouldn't be able to get it up never mind come…lol
    Where has all the good men gone?
    Translated-Where has all the rich men gone?
    And here's some great news feminist writer Kate Millet died at 82 yahoooooooooooooooooooh.

  7. When you think about your college roommates do you smile and remember good times? When you think of past romances, do you still think of good times???
    If I was 50 years old and single, and forced to choose between living with a male friend or marrying a 50 year old woman, I would choose a roommate.  Why?  Cause a male roommate is more fun!  He also will work. Neither will get pregnant.  If I have a fight with roommate, he won't take half my stuff thru divorce.