The BIGGEST UltraWide Ever – LG 38UC99 Review


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38″ of UltraWide glory… did LG improve on their previous 34″ iterations, or is 38 just a bit too much?

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50 Replies to “The BIGGEST UltraWide Ever – LG 38UC99 Review”

  1. I sat through the whole video without hearing a word about the poor Freesync implementation that LG are becoming infamous for. Even AMD are unhappy with how the tech is being supported by such a big player like LG, So much so that they are locking the use of the Freesync 2 branding behind a range of conditions, The important one being LFC support and the wide working range needed for LFC to work. This monitors Freesync support is very poor and not something that should be ignored by Reviewers when it is used as a selling point by the monitor provider.

  2. I prefer my 50" HDTV as PC Monitor. I sit directly infront of it xD And there is no big head movement, if you are used to. Because you only move your eyes mostly, not your head 🙂 It's a 1080p 50" TV I got on christmas sale event for 349€ in some supermarket lol

  3. I am contemplating getting a new monitor and and stuck as to which one to get, I currently have a Samsung 27" 4k display. I use 3d modelling application and photoshop along with playing games, should i go for a 32" IPS 4k Dell or one of these, I have a NVIdia 1080 in my 7700K machine with 32GB RAM also NZXT Kraken cooler. does the resolution seem better than a standard 4k monitor? or does it feel as though you loose pixels (I know of course you do) but the perception?

  4. Linus isnt allowed to really like a freesync monitor, his masters at nvidia and intel would stop giving money to him. So his only way to review this monitor without completely losing his credibility OR upsetting his friends at Nvidia/Intel is by coming to this conclusion: yeah, its a great monitor, everything works just fine….but it still sucks because i have to move my head when i use it.

  5. i was thinking to buy this curved monitor for my new pc;
    Is it possible to play with my ps4 (and mini snes in future 😀 ) with this kind of monitor too? Sorry for this dumb question but i'm pretty ignorant with this kind of stuff ….
    Thank you!! :))

  6. All the technical aspects aside, if it giggles when you type that is complete failure in a monitor that has a 4 digit price tag.
    If this sturdy enough not to giggle when I type, it would have been great for me since i'm not a gamer.

  7. I'm really curious to see what LG does with the new 38CB99 that is due to be released at the end of the month. I have one on order. Can't really find any information on the "improvements" (if any) between the UC and CB model.