The biggest, baddest case around? – Corsair Air 740 Review

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It’s massive… but is the Air 740 from Corsair a ?



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47 Replies to “The biggest, baddest case around? – Corsair Air 740 Review”

  1. I have three 540's – two on water, one on air. The main drawback of the 540 is not cooling or fan filters IMHO. That's a minor issue and can be resolved very easily on the 540. The main issue for the 540 in a non-gamer case is a lack of drive bays. The 540 can house a base 2 HDD in the main bay out of the box. SDD bays are not an issue – the 4 SDD bays are ample. I hoped for a better HDD solution in the 740. Sadly, I am disappointed but not without hope.

    I fit 8 HDD in the 540 through creative use of space (4 in the main bay, 2 in the front 5.25" drive trays, and 2 in the power supply bay). Why would I want so many HDD in a case? Granted, this amount of HDD space is not necessary for a gamer's rig, which is how most people will use the case. In fact, my gamer case I just use 3 SDD and 2 HDD in a 540.

    I use one 540 as a silent, affordable, home built NAS sitting in a corner of my studio that doesn't overheat. The 540 is a great solution. It "looks" like a server – as stated in the video. It has a nice shiny clear side cover which can show lots of pretty RGB LED lights to impress visitors. I can build a "DROBO" like solution for far less $$.

    From this review, however, the 740 appears to be just a larger version of the 540, albeit with more cooling options and an industrial Dell poweredge look, with 3 instead of 2 HDD base capacity. Any HDD expansion appears to be a challenge.

    It's time for me to build an FX 1800X box (My Godzilla Project) for a new editing rig since I launched my own YT channel . The 740 looks like a beast with the poweredge look – so I think I may jump at it for the massive "man case" that it is – and I'll keep my old 540's for a NAS solution, or put all of those drives in an Antec 900 v2 with 3 HDD trays and use it as a NAS.

    if nothing else, thanks for the video and insight of the interior guts and configuration capacity. That's what matters to me.