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After a race war erupted in , the co-founder of in , KY decided to cash in on a tragedy by publishing a list of ten demands focused on asking white people to give up their property, wealth, and civility. Because tolerance.

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44 Replies to “CHANELLE HELM: Shut the F**k Up! |”

  1. So, im South African and motswana (from Botswana – google it) and we down here think black Americans, and black British folks are lazy as F***! this isnt even hating on my race. Here are people living in a first world country with a welfare system and you still complain. Just a short anecdote. Growing up my mom would tell me straight up '' if you get a girl pregnant that means you are now a man so you must leave my house and go and start your family''. She was dead serious as is the case with most African parents. Put simply, back home, if you fail school your life is over. If you get a girl pregnant your life is over. Why you may ask? well, WE HAVE NO BLOODY WELFARE SYSTEM TO FALL BACK ON!

    This is what every country should be like this way, you wont get this kind of f***ery!

    And i dont mean all black folks. Some of you have your s**t together.

    Edit: and you knw the worst part, its sad to see that most of them mess it up for the rest of us who would like to visit. Once upon a time i wanted to come and do my engineering degree in America but i soon realised that the moment i step foot there, i'd be identified with the average black american. The last thing i want is to be is mistaken for being black American (You dont know how much i hate it). Would rather be in a favela in Brazil fam!

    This is by no means a condescending rant. Just what i think!

  2. The whirring sound you can hear is Martin Luther King spinning in his grave.
    Popp is this a series on mentally ill women who are making a tit of themselves i.e. Sinead O'Conner and Chanelle Helm?
    If so, in the interest of racial equality then next one should be Yvette Falarca.

  3. Top, spot on about white people putting on the hat of war. Yes history proves the point but say that on a youtube comment and you'll get called a loser cuck who's wife left him for a black guy. I told my wife that and we all had a good laugh.

  4. The days of the klan have long past, EVERY ONE IS RACIST TO A DEGREE, its learned ( in my case at least ) through life experiences. I'm soooo fucking tired of being told I should feel guilty because I'm white. I live in the greatest country on the face of the planet, one people are comming to in droves, some even DYING along the way. Guess what ? Its all based on a WHITE EUROPEAN IDEAL, ALL THE WORLDS SUPER POWERS ARE.
    So if you don't like it leave, I'll fund a "generationaly welfare dependant family of color" 1 way tickets. If all things are truly " equal " name 1 super power from the continent of Africa. Or better yet HOWS THE KENYAN SPACE PROGRAM DOING?.

  5. Something that these anti-cop agitators miss completely is the realpolitik of the police. Cops guard every politician from the president down to city mayors. They guard them while they sleep at home with their families. If killing cops starts becoming a regular thing, who are the politicos going to back down the line? The cops who guard them while they sleep, or the hoodlums who assassinate them? Most of the people who like BLM and their actions just dismiss that as racism, but it is a reality they should consider for more than the 5 seconds it takes to call it waaaayyycisss.

  6. I am white. my grandparents were depression era share croppers. bought their first farm in the mid 40's. they taught us all to work. I worked 60 – 80 hours a week for 30 years of my adult life. my home is paid for, our cars are old but paid for. I have some money in the bank. when I die I leave it to family. I refuse to leave anything to someone that is lazy and wont work.
    if they want to try to take what I have worked hard for let them try to take it. I have a shotgun and an AK. know how to use them both very well. I am old and my health is bad so I don't have much to lose.

  7. BLM has done some horrid shit, but does anyone have source proving the police shooters were with them? The last thing I heard was that they started killing cops because they thought BLM wasn't extreme enough.

  8. That fat, disgusting, sheboon, demonic pig cunt deserves to be thrown into a vat of acid face first. Nasty black bitch. I feel bad for black men out there because they've had to deal with these filthy pig cunts for years. These fucking leftist terrorists are going to regret it, if they instigate a race war or civil war. We stack there and their families bodies up like cord wood. I hope it doesn't come down to that. Sessions needs to grow a fucking pair, declare Antifa and the BLM terrorists as domestic terrorist, then sick homeland security and the FBI on their asses, arrest, try, convict, then execute the motherfuckers.

    That nasty snout nosed cunt is poor because her and those other whore single mother, welfare stealing bastard making thug factories have created their own fucking poverty. They get everything they need handed to them in order to better themselves through education, and hard work but would rather spit out more bastards, collect more welfare and live in section 8 housing then study hard. Fuck em. My goddamn cold steel gladius machete is sharp as fuck and I am ready to collect some heads!

  9. If you want to know more on the psychological warfare visit Chris Duane's YT channel TruthNeverTold. Find the following SOLA episodes: 4.28 -> 4.33

    Then you'll know how SJW operate.

    Thumbs up if you found the content educational.

  10. Popp makes a very stark point; White people know how to kill people and destroy whole civilizations.
    The Nazis didn't just kill 6 million Jews. They also killed 12 million Russians.
    And the white Americans dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    And I'm sure that there are more examples that I've either forgotten or didn't know about.
    Popp is right; don't fuck with the white people. Because there is a line and when enough white people decide that the line has been crossed millions will die.

  11. There's one thing about her list of demands I can't wrap my head around. She wants to redistribute white people's wealth obviously, but at the same time she wants white people framed as racists and fired. How the hell are white people supposed to make money for her to take if they can't work? Her mind is like those M.C. Escher stairs that perpetuate and go nowhere.

  12. OK lets go over the points they have about slavery.

    1) White people started the slave trade in Africa.

    Black tribal warfare and a surplus of slaves is what started the slave trade. Then the black slavers traded slaves for guns so they could have a technological edge against other tribes and collect even more slaves.

    2) The US was complicit in slavery for 400+ years.

    Nope the US was less than 100 years old when that practice was abolished. Far less time than most other governments.

    3) The country was built on the backs of slave labor. Particularly black slave labor.

    If you mean that the South was using slave labor to pick the fields and do manual labor. However the north had little to no slaves by the time the Civil war started. Even then less than 2% of the population owned slaves……including some black business men.

    4) Since blacks built the south they are owed something.

    You mean the south that had almost all of its plantations and infrastructure destroyed during the Civil war and had to be rebuilt. Then there are the thousands of lives lost in the war that freed the slaves.

    Now what they fail to realize is that for thousands of years people have been building their lives and trying to leave something to their children and grandchildren so they can have it better. Particularly in Europe and Asia where the adults sacrifice the want to have something today to setting aside for tomorrow. Maybe just maybe that idea leads to a better off society in the long run than just living for today.