Intel 7700K – Complacent CPU or Ryzen Killer?

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Has pushed performance ahead in the last 10 years? Let’s take a look!

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49 Replies to “Intel 7700K – Complacent CPU or Ryzen Killer?”

  1. Everyone's whining about it not being worth an upgrade from a nearly identical card that can already handle just about everything they use it for… whatever happened to "PC gamers don't have to upgrade every month/year"? This is still a good card, and for someone like me who is not upgrading but rather just getting into enthusiast-level desktops, it will do quite nicely. Look on the bright side, you'll get to save some money. Keep your high end stuff and get the most out of it until you see a more substantial upgrade worth buying.

  2. i currently use a 3939k, rampage iv extreme, 8gb ram, 980ti
    i'm thinking of upgrading since when i stream most games the fps i get in game is fine but when viewing it on Twitch my frames are very skippy. do you think its a better cpu i need perhaps? or maybe more memory or maybe a new GPU? i'm not sure how it all works exactly

  3. Is obtaining an higher frequency rate maintaining the same TDP an improvement made by Kaby Lake ?
    Another thing is that prices for Kaby Lake are lower that the ones for Skylake… For example, here in Italy, on Amazon, seems that the price of skylake (both "normal" and K) and Kaby Lake (again, both "normal" and k) is the same.
    But if the Kaby Lake 7700 (not k) is compared to Ryzen 7, we see that there is no big difference in terms of prices and benchmark…and Ryzen seems to be a little more power efficient while Kaby Lake have more motherboards to choose on. So, it becomes really difficult to choose between them.

  4. half way through 2017 now.. intel is losing their shit.. freaking out, releasing odd.. misplaced cpus and platforms.. and amd, releasing more and more amazing cpus.. all the while, intel is slowly dying and resorting to drastic measures to try to maintain their position at the top.. rip intel. you will be forever missed.