A Wireless Mouse That Lasts FOREVER! – HOLY $H!T Ep. 20


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38 Replies to “A Wireless Mouse That Lasts FOREVER! – HOLY $H!T Ep. 20”

  1. @1:33 Linus is up front about what his channel is all about: "I'm going to use the more expensive one, because…that's how you know you get the best stuff, the one that's more expensive".

    I know he's being facetious, but it otherwise feels that way when he continually pretends to be confused/surprised by intel's pricing/planning scheme on their platforms that are designed to place the buyer in a perpetual state of upgrading to keep support and options.

    edit: Oh, and Ed's a POS,: don't open stuff if you're not supposed to.
    And linus, you get far too many things for free…you'd probably be less likely to break them if you had to pay for them out of pocket like the rest of us.

  2. So super fragile, proprietary battery (so after the mouse dies you probably won't find a replacement or it's crazy expensive anyways), it's still wired and without the pad the charge lasts only an hour or so. And you have to pay separately for the pad from what I understand ?

    Pretty cool…but no. I'll stick to my wired mouse for now 🙂

  3. Just use a 8$ cheap Chinese mouse that can use a normal AA battery for 2 years, ..then use a rechargeable cannon camera battery that is 12 the power so it lasts 7 months. no pad needed. and a solar K750 keyboard as well to complete it .. that s what i did nice lithium kbord

  4. Misconception: More Expensive = Better product. That is actually not the case as depending on the company, if they don't want to take care in the building of their products or stand behind it for customer support then the most expensive cannot be a better product. As you need to look for the quality. Though that Logic Linus used can apply to the best Mattresses possible for you and others. But technology you have to be wary on and look at reviews as well as for looking for the actual product that comes from the legit factory. Like there are many electronic stores in the U.S. getting fake Sony headphones that broke easier than their real counter part that came out of the actual factory in Japan. The fake ones usally are easily noted with made in china or India.