Why So S-Y-R-I-A? | Live From The Lair


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Popp talks about what will look like in the future.

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32 Replies to “Why So S-Y-R-I-A? | Live From The Lair”

  1. Trump is controlled by jews like Kushner. They are probably blackmailing him.
    The only real benefactors from the ME interventionism is Israel, and a few (oil) companies.
    The Neocons aka. Neocohens are all a bunch of dual citizen jews.
    If there is a moment military men should NOT obey orders it would be now.
    Stop wasting your life on fighting for jews. They are NOT your greatest allies. In fact they hate you.

  2. I have been married for 18 yrs. I have made a decision that the day comes either by death or by divorce I am not longer with her that I am going MGTOW. I see what you are talking about Mr.Popp, I Havre opened my eyes and I am starting to see. Today on our local news channel fb page a woman raped a man and you should see the comments that most of the women are making on there. It's unreal. I'll save the link below.

  3. Off subject but I was wondering if you'd crunch some numbers on "What If" a young guy doesn't marry, no kids & saved his money, how long before / year's would it take to be rich $? Not a millionaire but rather independently wealthy.

  4. Evidence that ISIS is a Russian/Putin proxy army of co-opted Muslim useful-idiots:

    1) ISIS having a Stasi org chart
    2) Lots of ex-Saddam intel officers joining ISIS all at once a few years ago
    3) FSB helping Russian Muslims go to Syria
    4) Russian Muslims being the largest group of foreign fighters in ISIS
    5) Russia admitting it has informers inside ISIS
    6) Assad buying oil from ISIS, then reselling it to Russia
    7) Russophone Muslims in ISIS changing its strategy away from taking Syrian territory towards Iraqi territory instead
    8) Russian air strikes in Syria primarily targeting FSA, which is also at war w/ ISIS
    9) Russian propaganda equivocating between ISIS and FSA
    10) Russian engineers operating an oil plant in ISIS territory

  5. War is a complex concept and I don't like libertarian minded people thinking they know what the USA's foreign policy ought to be with regards to the middle east. Geopolitics isn't as simple as "let's stick our heads in the sand and hope everything works out in the end." People do not seem to appreciate that the Muslim conquest of the Earth and more specifically continental Europe, has been going on for as long as that ideological religion has existed (1400 yrs.). In more recent history people do not realize that communist ideologues didn't die when the Ceausescu's were executed or after the Berlin wall came down. Marxist ideologues mutated and their subversive ideas are still prevalent in continental Europe, Russia, China and right here in the USA at federally subsidized universities where most of the professors are either radical, left wing ideologues or outright Marxists.

  6. Hello Popp, on the subject of armored vehicles and A.I., I was wondering if you have ever read any of the BOLO books? If not, I highly recommend them. They touch on many facets of warfare from technoledgy to moral responsibility. Great books.

  7. I'm surprised you didn't bring up sonic weaponry. There's nano-thin blades and boiling someone from the inside, but what about something that could cause disorientation and permanent sensory loss? Granted that would be more sadistic than effective but it'd be fun.

    All this said, I think there's a version of it meant for riots. It was either that or some sort of microwave gun. Fun to think about, though I guess it still doesn't compare to seeing a rock crack someone's head. Like they say, between caveman and astronaut, caveman always wins. And all our fancy shit doesn't mean much to a rock-stupid, sandy caveman.

  8. 10:10 because you said that I'll let you know what an undisputed expert said the optimal rifle would be (as quoted): "… a military rifle should be of 7mm caliber with a 140 grain bullet…" what a coincidence that this quote from decades ago is becoming more relevant today? Bonus points if you know who said it. (6.5 isn't far off but we're talking .264 vs .284).
    11:18 45 is better than 9mm. …. good video.

  9. I'm after two days of drinking, but tomorrow or probably at least the next day I'll most certainly get around to having a few shots on Popp and then sleeping in the next morning. Personally, though I'm sure it would be preferred to die well-rested rather than while in some other state, I do hope the world keeps on a-turnin' for the next 40 years at least. Life is going good, people are buying my books, I anticipate being a full-time writer in the next year or two, and I believe I've got a great future ahead of me. Anyways, yeah, I'll definitely give a private toast to Popp next time I get hammered. If I'm to be perfectly honest, I've learned so damn much from him that I've already given a few private toasts to him before out of respect. With no-homo love from Canada, I give a pre-emptive cheers even though I'm without a drink in my hand. The bottle is waiting on my dresser, unopened, to get me absolutely wasted when I am ready. That was an awesome insight to the possible future of weapons technology, wasn't expecting to hear about that assessment of 5.56, in truth even Lt. Gen. Mikhail Kalashnikov himself wanted to stick with .30 cal with 7.62×39 but the AK-74 came anyways in 5.45, though in my opinion 5.45 is a better round than 5.56. That's another story though.

    Well, yet another great video, thumbs-up has been left, stay safe buddy, you're doing a world of good to any of my fellow Millennials that watch your stuff.

  10. Boston Dynamics is also designing some really scary robots that can walk on four and even two legs, meaning that in the future, it's more than likely that tanks won't have treads alone but that depending on the environment, they can also have legs. There are a few advantages to this, the most obvious one is that legs allow a vehicle to traverse more difficult terrain.
    But also, a chassis might even include "back-up legs" that could fold out if the original limb is damaged, since they require much less space than tracks. It will certainly be very interesting to see the development in combat situations. The current models can already walk at marching speed and carry enough equipment for a unit of 5 soldiers into battle.

  11. The first gas attack was proven beyond a doubt to be a false flag. What would assad hope to gain by bringing America back into his business? Why aren't you concerned about both ISIS and the neoconservatives and neoliberals all celebrating this shit?

  12. Weapons reaching "expiration date" = fun for the troops. Never forget when a bunch of TOWs went that way. Instead of simulators or getting two or three live rounds for the best gunners to fire, we ended up with like two dozen. Great day.