Weirdest Stuff You Bought on Amazon


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Y’all are weird. Well, maybe not all of you. But you in the back there? Yeah, you’re weird. But that’s OK – we’re pretty weird too 🙂

link (NOTICE OF DEAL CHANGE: Offer expired, sorry for any confusion!):

Cooler Master Store link:

Buy Medieval Chain Mail Shirt and Coif Armor Set on :

Buy The Empire Striketh Back on :

Buy Astor CB1000 Bidet on :

Buy Cloth 50-pack on :

Buy MTM Ammo Can on :

Buy Cold Steel on :

Buy Coavas Board Sticker on :

Buy Squatty Potty on :

Buy bKblades Big Mouth DIY Back Shaver on :

Buy “Do You Want To Play With My Balls” on :

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29 Replies to “Weirdest Stuff You Bought on Amazon”

  1. Has anyone ever noticed that most of this shit was on Slickdeals around the time before this video was made? I'm pretty sure I got like 8 ammo cans and a squatty potty around that time of 2016.