How to Disable Facebook Messenger Day Feature on Android


Reading Time:  5 Minutes

In ’s never ending fight against , the company launched a feature called the Messenger Day. But while Stories feature was a way for you to show people what you did that day, Messenger Day’s filters and Active Now indicators are there to quickly find something to do or someone to talk to. The thing is, it’s turned into one of those features that gets pushed in your face. If you hate ’s Day feature and wished it would stop asking you to “add to your day”, luckily there’s a way to disable Messenger Day. No longer will you be bothered by the Messenger Day clone and its My Day feature as we’ll be disabling it entirely in the app.

While some users might find new Messenger features to be useful, others hate the features that are forced on them. My Day is one such hated feature, at least by some. Currently, Messenger Day can show up anywhere in your list of chats. Some find it sitting right at the top of the screen (even if they don’t care to use it), while others will find it tucked away between a couple of chats when they’re scrolling through them. Many wish that would just let the end user choose if they wanted to use the My Day feature or not instead of forcing it up on them.

There are two different ways to disable Messenger Day, with one requiring you to have root access and the other not requiring root access. The root method will actively disable the My Day feature inside your own existing Messenger application while the non-root method is possible thanks to a modded version of Messenger from someone in our own community.

Disable Messenger Day (Root Method)

  1. Download and launch the Terminal Emulator application
  2. Execute the following command into the prompt: su
  3. Then execute the following command into the prompt: am start -n "com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.messaging.internalprefs.MessengerInternalPreferenceActivity"
  4. Once you execute that second command it should launch a hidden settings page within Messenger
  5. Tap on the Gate Override option
    gatekeeper override
  6. Tap the Search s option
    search gatekeeper
  7. Search for the following text: internal
  8. Then set the messenger_internal_prefs_android option to YES
    internal prefs
  9. Tap the back button in your navigation bar
  10. Now look for and tap the MobileConfig option
  11. Search for the following text: wave2
  12. Make the “wave2 montage enabled” option to false
    wave2 false
  13. Then tap the Restart Now option at the bottom to restart Messenger

Disable Messenger Day (Without Root)

As mentioned earlier, the previous method requires root but there is another method available to those who do not have root access. XDA Member  has created a modded version of the and Messenger applications. These modded versions reduce ads, cut out useless features, and more. In addition, this modded version also enables access to the Internal settings option without having to use a shell command.

Normally, that Internal settings menu requires root access in order to open it with the stock Messenger application as the internal settings menu is an unexported activity, but evilwombat has gone in and modded the Messenger application so that it is freely accessible right when you install their version. Since this modded version of Messenger can simply be sideloaded onto any supported Android smartphone or tablet, his means you can bypass the steps 1 through 9 of the guide above if you choose to use this modded application.

However, uses key-based authentication for data sharing between its family of applications. So in order to use this method that does not require root access, you will need to uninstall all other applications that are made by . This includes itself,  Messenger, Messenger Lite, Page Manager, etc. Since evilwombat has to sign the modded APK with their own key, it causes conflicts with the other applications in the family.

So once you uninstall those applications and then sideload the modded application(s) from evilwombat, we can follow these steps below.

  1. Launch the Messenger app
  2. Dive into the Settings
  3. Tap on the Internal menu option
  4. Look for and tap the MobileConfig option
  5. Search for the following text: wave2
  6. Change the wave2 montage enabled feature to false
    wave2 false
  7. Then tap the Restart Now option at the bottom to restart Messenger

So again, the steps to actually disable My Day from the modded version is the same as the root method. We just get to skip a lot of the tutorial since the Internal menu option in the settings of the Messenger application has already been enabled. All we’re doing is going in and toggling off this new feature from this hidden internal menu and that will prevent the My Day feature from clogging up your application.


So what we’re doing here in this guide is surfacing a hidden menu from within the Messenger application. We can do this with a terminal emulator that has root access or with a modded APK that has the menu exposed to the user. In the hidden menu, we can start to toggle a couple of options not normally available to most users.

To actually disable Messenger Day, we need to look for and tap on the MobileConfig option from within the Messenger internal settings section. Once you go there, you’ll be able to search for something so just type in wave2 and you’ll see the wave2 montage feature that we need to change. There will be a Value section on this page that by default is set to True but we just need to tap the False option (was right above True for me).

When you change this from True to False, you should see a message appear at the bottom of the page saying your override has been set and tells you to restart the application for your changes to take effect. Go ahead and tap the Restart Now blue text and Messenger will close and then open again. This method was discovered thanks to /u/jagotu in the /r/Android thread they created about it.