This Camera Costs HOW MUCH?! – 8K RED Weapon Unboxing, HOLY $H!T Ep. 17


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We just spent an astronomical amount of money on some RED cameras. Watch flip out as he figures out just how much they actually cost…

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50 Replies to “This Camera Costs HOW MUCH?! – 8K RED Weapon Unboxing, HOLY $H!T Ep. 17”

  1. This is what you get when a company makes literally everything themselves and wants to sell you 100% proprietary everything. This is why open standards are important. In reality, none of that shit costs anything to make, and you're paying like 800% over what a reasonable retail cost would be. I'd be happy to pay $5-6k for the entire camera with accessories, but $70k is beyond stupid. The only reason there isn't a $6k option is because cinema quality cameras have almost 0 consumer demand. It's almost exclusively from production studios that have 8-9 figure budgets and a $500 cable you can get for $3 on Amazon is probably no big deal.

  2. Yeah, Corridor fucked up. Linus is totally valid, you cannot defend the bullshit that is proprietary premiums. You can't, they only exist to drive up costs and pose literally no other benefits to consumers. Corridor's criticisms don't hold a candle to this video despite their best efforts. Huge misunderstanding and unnecessary call out on Corridors part.

  3. Hmm linus u gotta go look at sam and niko's vid about this red camera and this rlly makes it clear tht u dont know shit about cameras tht r used by professionals. Most of the shots tht ppl use the red are more expensive thn the actual camera

  4. Red Cameras are designed for the production of movies, we all can agree on that. So if I where a movie production company spending idk lets say 30 million on a movie budget, do you think I would want all that content stored on a 100 dollar SD card? Or a 2000 dollar cfast card with 30 million dollars worth of video, that if ever damaged will have a Red recover all the data?

  5. Linus you are dumb cause when you think about it these cameras are really made for making actual cinemas and films not for basic YouTube videos. And when you think about it, you didn't have to go buy all the accessories and it's the fact what are you really going to film with this camera. If you think about it it will probably be worth your buck if you record every video from here on out with the red camera in 4K but hey that's just me. So in the end if your really only going to use this camera for some videos then don't complain. Only complain if the stuff doesn't work. Your just being a baby

  6. What's with all these new comments about Sam and Niko? They're just hipster faggots shit talking on other people, and started out their youtube channel with huge budgets in comparison to Linus when he first started his youtube career.

  7. Thing is, i understand what corridor are saying about having the best of the best stuff BUT linus does have a point where the extras are waaay too overpriced. I understand paying more for premium items but these prices are way too excessive, almost like they know their customers are willing to pay up to 100k and they wanna milk it as much as possible.

  8. You idiots do realize this camera was made for big budget Hollywood blockbuster movies and not for YouTube videos. This was literally the same camera that they used for guardians of the galaxy volume 2. I'm a fan of your work but you really didn't do any research for this camera

  9. RED debate aside…. guys.. $150 articulating arm?? $240 8"(?) cable? $1500 battery? come onnnn. The camera IS justified at $50k in my opinion, an Alexa mini is like $30k with less tech specs (but looks superior IMO), and an Alexa SVTW is like $80k. The BRAIN is not my issue, its the (literally) 1000%-marked-up MANDATORY accessories.

    I get that it's modular, but it's just needless and almost disrespectful. if you even just included the viewfinder, expansion plate, battery plate, ONE battery, I think people would be fine with paying for the other extra stuff. but it's like selling a $50,000 BMW without a required proprietary $8000 steering wheel or $2000-each tires.

  10. So since it doesn't come with accessories or anything then RED kind of reminds me of the Apple of cameras hmm I wonder why?… Oh, because they put the RED RAVEN on the APPLE shop damn… proves my point.

  11. I thought id point out to all the ignorant fools posting on this video no where dose this call this video a review so stop treating it like one. Its a Unboxing video and its part of a series called Holy Shit in which he Usually Talks about expensive shit or reacts to ridiculous prices. This is not a serious video nessiserally nor a review in any kind so stop bringing up this review bs

  12. Just because something is for sale to average consumers, does not mean average consumers should buy them. When it comes to cameras that high end, Linus is an average consumer. You really don't need this to shoot a review of an nvidia card. News stations don't even have shit like this. If you're not Michael bay, don't buy this camera.