Watching Home Alone with an SJW |


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This Christmas, satire is a dish best served cold. And mis-gendered.

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37 Replies to “Watching Home Alone with an SJW |”

  1. I went to a theater last night and a sjw did the same thing. someone told them to shut up and punch him. them a battle royal went down where everyone went to beat him up.I got one good hit in before the mob took him. It was funny.

  2. Lot's of Xmas bonus gems guys, thanks for that! I take it Blake's a fan of Romero and Argento? Now I know I'm subbed to the right channel! What about Savini or Raimi? You guys should do a show like this reviewing classic horror flicks too! Or even some action stuff with an SJW and what not! 😀

  3. "Did you just fart-rape me?! I'm calling the Police!"
    "Smells like Christmas."
    You fuckers rock ay!
    That movie was funny as cancer but after watching you guys put your awesome SJW spin on it I was pissing myself.
    Thanks for the laughs. Love your work.
    Rock on!