Horizontal Desktops are BACK?! – Cryorig Taku

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Cryorig defrosted an old idea with their new desktop case design, but is it cool, or should it have stayed on ice?

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42 Replies to “Horizontal Desktops are BACK?! – Cryorig Taku”

  1. This sounds like a nice case aside from one little issue: It's so small!

    I remember the case we got a 486DX/33 in back in 1993 when I was a kid. Desktop, 3x 5.25 bays, a 3.5 bay for a floppy drive, another 3.5 bay for a hard disk and room inside for 4 or 5 long cards in the 16-bit ISA slots. Why doesn't anyone make nice roomy desktop cases like that any more?

    I do have an ATX desktop case which houses Mum's machine (which has been home to at least three motherboards over the years), but I consider it a cramped mess and a pain in the arse to work in.

  2. Nice! I wish you did more builds for rack mount PCs. I'm not a fan of all the cheesy ground effects and lights and bling in cases. Also for space saving in my music studio and using my racks. Really don't need to see inside it.

  3. Linus, I have a project I'm trying to liquid cool and need help.
    Its called an Open Labs Miko and I do music production. Please look it up. It's a PC in a midi controller frame and touchscreen. I upgraded it to an x99 with 6800 intel cpu…Please help and maybe contact me on the side.

  4. Nice product, stupidly overpriced though; I doubt very much it will become popular like some cases, specifically because of the way they've priced it. They've priced it like they think they're the bugattii of computer cases or something.