Buildings that blend nature and city | Jeanne Gang

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A skyscraper that channels the breeze … a building that creates community around a hearth … uses architecture to build relationships. In this engaging tour of her work, Gang invites us into buildings large and small, from a surprising local community center to a landmark skyscraper. “Through architecture, we can do much more than create buildings,” she says. “We can help steady this planet we all share.”

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22 Replies to “Buildings that blend nature and city | Jeanne Gang”

  1. Great examples for how urban architecture does shape society.

    That building where the neighbors can see onto your balcony might be a bit too much, because people want privacy, when they chill on the balcony in their bikini, when it's warm and sunny.

  2. I don't know about you but i wouldn't start a conversation with someone on the next balcony randomly, it'll be real awkward. When have you or has that happened to you before? Just because it enables opportunities doesn't mean it can actually incite quality conversations. If anything it promotes awkwardness and lack of privacy

  3. All honestly I thought the idea of having basketball courts outside of the Police station is great but she took it one step to far when she tried to make a mall inside a police station 😀

  4. Besides the unavoidable stupid premises in a SJW building (you might not even look up the problems explained by a conservative like Ben Shapiro and just go for old school lefties like Jordan B. Petersen and Camille Paglia) the building itself has some potential as a community gathering if strip off the SJW bs and actually create a welcoming environment for EVERYONE. FYI this "is like getting cars of roads" talk is bs also, building with wood is great, but not only it used a lot of concrete (not very environmentally cool as they want to be) but that wood must have come from far away and must have been treated, so you carbon footprint there isn't positive at all, but these ideologues can't do math and sciences in general, at least not properly. The tall building, still is a tall artificial structure, with non-squared terraces or whatever, that's it, not very innovative and the building relationships thing is bs, probably anecdotal evidence and I bet it takes a few condo adm meetings to break things up. Just a stupid tall glass block! The Police station, on the other hand, actually has a great premise, since is factually proved that it's beneficial to get cops and the community close together. I just don't think the shopping mall kinda feel to it is viable on the long run, but the community center with sports and other stuff for adults and specially kids is great. Honest people shouldn't be afraid to be around cops, they usually don't need to, but bad history and badly told history(mostly) keeps people apart!