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Newsflash to all you and SJWs out there! There are ! And if you continue to ignore them or to create 72 bullshit genders, you’re slamming one home in your own poop hole. So those are your choices: or !

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19 Replies to “DICHOTOMY/SODOMY | Redonkulas.com”

  1. A point of clarification.
    Workplace politics is a problem in need of a tool to deal with it. That tool is gossip.
    Call me a mangina, but I work in an office that is 90% women and gossip is necessary, and it's fun too. Like anything else, men are better at it if they learn to play the game. I have survived two unfounded sexual harassment claims by middle aged nutjobs. Gossip is a tool men must learn to thrive in the female dominated workplace.
    The best cooks are men. The best parents are men. The best gossips should be men.

    I never use gossip when dealing with men. I do tell male coworkers how to play, but they don't listen and pay for it.

  2. women don't want men to solve their problems or hear the truth and facts about anything. they just want someone to listen to them piss and moan so they can be the centre of attention; which is all they care about. which is also why they want the big expensive wedding, but not the marriage. same with divorce court; it's all me, me me. same at a funeral; again, being centre of attention. they want to big corner office, but not the effort to get it, nor the responsibility when they get it. it's all and only about being the centre of attention. why else would they, and in particular, feminists, piss and moan about men and to men, because they want men to notice them and give them what are some of the most valuable things men have; their attention and focus. try ignoring a woman that's ranting at you, or walking away from her, and she'll go ape-shit. Say "I don't care" or "I'm not interested" or "you're boring me, shut up" and watch the fireworks begin!!! lol