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We’re all a little screwed. The question is, how fucked are you?

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41 Replies to “HOW F*CKED ARE YOU? |”

  1. The huge flow of immigrants and refugees are causing the reemergence of these pathogens. Californication recently had an outbreak of Leprosy in school children and it was the incurable type. Normally Leprosy is treatable but the strain Obama's refugees gave to Americans was not treatable, these kids will die because of Obama.

  2. what do you mean by school system sux? brainwashing kids with religion? not giving the FREEDOM OF CHOOSING our own religion? or do you mean making us memorize for tests purposely to keep us ignorant and undecated? or do you mean both?

  3. You do know how Viagra works don't you? It jacks your blood pressure up through the roof! How does that cause an erection? You might ask. All that pressure's gotta go somewhere.
    Does that make me a 'know it all'? Uh oh, how many fucked points did I just rack up?

    University cheerleaders broke into Science Hall and gang raped about a dozen IT students. The young men tried to escape into the chemistry lab to defend themselves, but the girls used Erectstadil to force the men to perform. One victim said: "The cheerleaders were clearly enjoying themselves, giggling, having orgasms and riding my erect member.” The university has expelled the cheer team.

    The Mayor confirmed that the anti-estrogen drug Proscore ® (Fineasstoride), is being administered by the water utility to reduce raw female aggression. However, it has been proven inadequate in controlling athletic women's sexual advances.

    The National Organization for MGTOW Washington spokesman said: “We are the only political arm for sexual rights of both men and women. We believe the illegal trafficking of sex robots and anime is degrading and objectifies real men by accentuation sexual perversions and fetishes. These erotic materials are being made to look slender, with enlarged frontal lobes and are typically wearing practical attire, super-sized pocket protectors, eyeglasses and sport high tech gadgets”.

    One of the perpetrators used a student to loose her virginity, which adds an additional 5 year prison term if convicted. Law enforcement officials remind high IQ men to go in groups, stay in well lit areas, and ignore the sexual advances and eye contact of women. Being “sharp dressed”, walking with a swagger, and adding lifts and padding can reduce a man's risk of sexual assault by looking more like a low IQ primate animal.

    Anthropologist, Dr. Dick Screwtem, PhD., attributes this to natural selection favoring high IQ men rather than burly brutes. Animals brought food to humans for thousands of years. These primitive animals had superstition which the more intelligent humans manipulated to get the animals to worship them. There simply was no evolutionary pressure to favor low IQ, such as farming and raising children, as the animals could be utilized for such menial tasks.

  5. Popp, appreciate he work even if we don't always agree (not disenfranchised enough to be on the red pill, yet). This video illustrates consequence of circumstances 👍🏼.

    As no good deed goes unpunished, how about a series of how to do better.

    Here comes the good idea fairy: you write a book that is second best to having a decent dad.
    Chapter 1: How fucked are you?
    Chapter 2-69: How to un-fuck yourself.

    I'd buy one for myself and a ruck full to quarterback at sad sacks.

  6. I traded a rifle for a 1911 and bave been YouTubing random things and came across some info that said special forces still has the option to use 1911s on missions and whatnot.

    Did you ever carry a 1911 on a mission? because thats badass.
    but if not what mission would a specops soldier be able to find a 7-8 rd handgun a carry option vs a 15 rd semi auto

  7. I've assisted the Doc with the hydraulic lock known as priapism. One of the few procedures where there are NO jokes being told unlike stitches and stuff. Communication is to the point like mission control. For anyone who has gone through this experience, you have my utmost sympathy!

  8. LMAO Popp! Im in the medical field and can confirm everything you said. 1: had a psyche patient brought in to the ER. One of the psyche meds he was on caused a painful hard on. Urologist came in and put TWO needles in his dick to deflate it! 2: I live in west Texas. At least 3-4 times a year we would have some drunk dumbass who decided to fuck with a rattlesnake and would get bit! 3: I was a flight nurse/paramedic for 10 yrs. On the helo, we couldnt take anyone that weighed more that 350 pounds. On the fixed wing, we couldnt take anyone over 450 pounds. How often did this problem present itself??? At least once a month!

  9. I was watching this vid and… realizing how lucky I'm with not knowing of 80% of all this shit… it'd like from aliens' planet to me. I do live in a major city, but I've the University behind (not because of parents' support but despite their opinion on me) and this place is the best to apply my skills/mind, and doing well so far.
    That your "horse voice" is annoying, practically unbearable to listen… It became so much not fun anymore so I hit Unsubscribe.
    Unlike you, John THE Father [JTF – MGTOW is Freedom] speaks much clearer, pleasure to listen… and to think of the points he presented. Yours – just some collection of low-life garbage.

  10. Pop thank you for telling me about what the hell is going on out there and thank you for getting me early and can you tell me what to do in the future to get away form it all or protect my self form it all thank you in Advance