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AMD Vega – it’s real, and though the card we saw here at CES is still very much an engineering sample, it looks like it’s going to be pretty freaking exciting…


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36 Replies to “Hands LITERALLY On AMD Vega!”

  1. can someone please tell me what I should buy? i bought a freesync 4k monitor, but wanted to get a 1080 ti ftw3, but i cant find any amd cards that come anywhere close to the 1080 ti ftw3? should i just get the 1080 and not use the freesync, cause it would still be 4k right?

  2. for once in my life while watching Linus videos i actually knew something he didn't yeah , what the blue port was in the card. not that i exactly knew how it's used though lol, but i did figure right away it had something to do with engineers being able to read the cards performance as they develop it. it is also done on consoles which is exactly why i figured It'd be the same on graphics cards. man i was looking forward to get some pricing though. i wish so badly to go to one of this shows one day

  3. Honestly, this card should have come out months ago, most people looking for a high-end graphics card already bought a gtx 1080 ti/1080 and will not upgrade to a new one in the same year. I like that they are trying to take on the high-end GPU market, but, let's be honest here, this card should have come out at least in early 2017 to rival the launch of the gtx 1080 ti and steal some sales.