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Because even though it sounds really hard, taking control and make a lot of things easier.

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36 Replies to “Un-F**k Your Life | Live From The Lair”

  1. hey pop I'm a 29 year old mgtow. I work a 4-12 shift job at a water plant, I make about 74k a year. since I got out of the marines I've worked this job and tried to start 3 businesses Wich failed. I want to try at a new bussiness but would it be smarter to cut my losses and go to school so I could get a management position at my current job ?

  2. We have created a generation of special snowflakes who cant tell the difference in the "violence spectrum". They are virtually ignorant of normal human and family interactions; because they were 'only childs' raised in a day care.

    Combined with the fact they were birthed by burn out baby boomer narcissist kumbayay hippies who have been financially subsided on the backs of the petro dollar.

    Adversity is not in their vocabulary.

    The spectrum consists of the following items, they will misinterpret everyone of these without fail:
    *Friendly Balllbusting
    *Constructive criticism
    *Healthy boundaries
    *Healthy expectations
    *Shit Talking
    *Domestic violence
    *Emotional abuse
    *Shooting a gun at the range
    *Self Defense
    *Just War
    *Unjust War

  3. Fuck the zombie apocalypse that's bullshit, I'd like your take on grid down, civil riots and general mayhem in the streets. How would you defend your home? What civilian grade weapons would be good to keep on hand? Would you keep long-term food storage? Would you team up with neighbors to defend your property?

  4. Surprised you didn't suggesting going Air Force.

    I thought they were the were considered the"easiest" armed forces branch to join in terms of not needing to be super macho just to survive the PT.

  5. Man….I learned young…to stay the fuck away from bars…..especially the ones that give off more of a night club vibe. Mixing alcohol, stupidity, and pussy is just a perfect storm for mayhem and carnage. Its essentially a watering hole for the dumbshits of society with too much pent up aggression.

    now some of the more classy bars…where the dudes wear blazers and shit like that and the average age is closer to 40….not as much of a problem. The dudes there probably have a steady job and don't want to do anything that will rock the boat too much or disturb their ebb and flow.

  6. 26 and un-fucking myself. Feels fucking good. Now he's awesome, but I'm actually in better physical shape than a dude who was in the Navy who is now in his 50s. Still thin, but he's been smoking his whole life it would seem. He gets winded FAR faster than I do even though I'm overweight. I go on walks every day, don't eat much, I'd love to weigh myself because i'm probably at 240lb by now. I'm 6' tall, and in spite of how most people on the internet probably are, I do actually have a decent amount of muscle mass. Even now I can do push-ups without overly much difficulty. Just a week ago or so I did a few push-ups just for shits and giggles and it was the morning after a night of drinking.

    Oh fuck, I'm probably going to regret admitting all this shit, but fuck it. I'm un-fucking myself. Physically, economically, every way I can. Well, except drinking. I am ok with fucking myself via drinking. YAY RUM! Alco, since I'm a 'shill', check out my books if you want! J N Morgan, it's my pseudonym/pen name, and my books will be going for free probably on the 26th. It's not set in stone however. Cheers! Don't be a troll hole… or whatever that fucking term is. Take my word for it; better to be homeless. Been there, done that, I'm getting my fucking ducks in order.

  7. 5:30 "Gentlemen, this guy was the father of her child"

    No, man: this guy is the father of her child, the only father that that child will ever have. Even with the best intentions in the world, with only rare exceptions "stepdad" don't cut it.

  8. A question for Terrence Popp:

    Please correct the figures I recalled you giving in a lecture on Youtube.

    There are all these Gold-star Wives who are honored in parades and Presidential addresses to Congress and receive charitable assistance above and beyond the government benefits they receive for life.

    I'd like to ask Terrance Popp how he feels about them. He told a story that within a year of getting back from a tour in Iraq, 90% of the guys were divorced. Some large amount like that. If that's anywhere near accurate — even if it's just 50% — then he must know that these honored wives would most likely have divorce-raped their husbands had they not died. He must also know that the same percent were screwing around while the man was off fighting. I wonder how he feels about that. And don't say, "It is what it is." We know that.


  9. Great stuff Mr Popp, good advices. Ive been thinking and noticed that this ginocentric laws and shit caused the old continent to get even older, I mean, they had this femilaws there for decades and this caused the average age of marriage to jump from 20s to 40s for males and the average of childs drooped to less than 1. They didnt get the memo, just popped a few laws giving more child support the more kids you have. Now they have single gramps everywhere and conceited bitches living of the gov.

  10. Hope this shit doesnt comes to America, but it seems to be on its way.
    Its unvelievable, but deep down all this crapp on males vs females is rooted on inmaturity. The moment one side gets inmature and shits on the other one, we end up like today, where kids are tools in the war momy and dady are having. So maturity, personal growth will get us out of this hellhole.
    By the way, Vidme already has a lot of youtubers upping up videos in parallel and has a different monetization system. Good luck.

  11. violence HAS SOLVED a lot of the world's problems!! and it has solve a few in my own life, not provoking violence but using it as a remedy …. but people who have never ben in these situations tend to deny that violence CAN at times solve issues.
    i hate to go Hitler on your ass, but that guy, and others like or worse than him, wouldn't have understood any other way; and this guy saying violence is not the solution EVER would be on all fours servicing those who take violence as ONE possible option among many other options.

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