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The is a great way to take a very very long time to make decisions. And it’s confusing.

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  1. I sent a message up to your back door you legends. I bought one of your shirts and more of your shit is on my list.
    Does that mean you are on my shit list? Um, no 🙂
    Love your work all the great red pills that makes this great shit for the shit cunts that are indoctrinated.
    You paint a clear message in all your videos and all are 100% the truth.
    Can't argue with hard data hey?
    Hi, from Australia ya legends.

  2. When I think about joining the military, I start hearing stuff like this. Fuck that, so let me get this straight, not only are many of the officers over you green (never fought, got in by, from what I hear, having gotten a degree), they are rushed as well?!

    If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it might be death.

  3. What is with this gender confusion shit.
    Everybody comes with instructions printed on a small brown card stapled to their belly button.
    The printed card on plain brown recyclable paper says>>>> look in your shorts.

    WTF is with quality control in heaven if they've started shipping without these cards.

  4. The like is because you are entertaining!
    Military intelligence: Tow types EL int. Hum int.
    Electronic and human (people on the fucking ground idiot)
    Plans: No plan actually survives contact with the enemy! Why? Some how the motherfuckers never cooperate, they always do something you don't expect!
    Which is why you have an officer with you asshole .When shit goes south he can and will adapt the plan to keep your ass alive.its his fucking job!
    Training: What the fuck do you need to rehearse for? What are you a boy band? Training is exactly for these situations you have to be deployed on the fly.
    have you ever heard the term strategy? Its fancy talk for what the hell you are trying to accomplish in the first place.
    What you are talking about is tactics: You do what you need to stay alive and in contact with your command structure!
    Logistics is military speak for all the shit that goes into making sure you are not in a combat situation with your ass hanging out with out a weapon besides your dick(In your case it would be your mouth) People get paid to make sure this shit is checked!
    You left out the most important part in a campaign! Communications! Last minute intel, info from other elements, or air borne units, scouts deployed before you even know where the fuck you are going(its a thing really) .
    You're a fanny guy but, if you ever have been in a military you learned two things only: Jack and shit!