Female Soldiers In The Army!

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There’s a new in the platoon. While she’s all about appearance, her own appearance is in question when it comes to the Army’s wear and appearance code 670-1.

: A Combat Veteran


31 Replies to “Female Soldiers In The Army!”

  1. Double standards are PC BS. If the standards are gender-neutral, and a women can hack it, drive on. I watch, concerned, when they let women into Ranger school. But everything I have read indicates that the same standards were used and that the peer evaluations were fair. There were not a huge number, most of them bounced in RTEP, two recycled in phase one, and made it all the way and got her tab. I will stand up for her anytime. 40 years ago, I bounced in what was the equivalent of RTEP. EQUAL opportunity is fine.

  2. Keep on preaching brother👊👊👊👊 most have no idea and kinda suspect the black boot army vs the new ACU uniform!!!! Two tours myself 18 mon Iraq 12mon Afghan 👍still got my balls and still got my ass!!!!!! And all 10 fingers and toes🤗