Don’t Date Women at Work | Live From The Lair


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In other news, water is wet. also shares views on and how “happy wife, happy life” has destroyed many a man.

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19 Replies to “Don’t Date Women at Work | Live From The Lair”

  1. fucked a female coworker. she and I were supposed to be leaving the company (both for better jobs) and I was single… I have a stalking problem now… I cut the bitch off about a year ago. How nuts is this bitch? Popp rated her a 9

    oh… and in hindsight… the other 2 guys that I know of who fucked her got fired… and the manager was even at risk and rehired her after 6 days when she tried to pick a fight with a customer

  2. Do you want to lose your job? Because dating a female co-worker is how you lose your frickin Job! Even under the BEST of circumstances it will introduce a lot of drama and bullshit you don't need. And other worse and common circumstances you could end up; with false charges of all kinds, dealing with HR for sexual harassment or losing your job because vindictive bitches like to get restraining orders to show everyone what a victim they are. Try keeping your job when you aren't allowed to get within 1000 feet of your office. Seriously! I watched good guys lose their jobs on multiple occasions over 25 years for just this reason. I even watched it happen to a Lesbian once which was ironically funny to me. Yes I am a self admitted Bastard.

  3. have this buddy who was all about "fuck my baby mama" etc yadda yadda can't wait to get a divorce, should have never had kids, the whole 9. dude gets into a relationship with a single mom and moves in with the chick and her teenage kid after a month. shes a fitness freak bit doesnt brush her teeth, fuckin disgusting. it confuses me how a woman can be body conscious but not take 30 seconds to brush her fuckin mouth. hes 29. no balls, cant chill with the dude without him bringing the chick around. lost mad respect for the guy. talk about a disappointment. some dudes simply do it to themselves. kind of sad to watch a shit show develop right before your eyes. oh well. as long as he's my plug for weed ima fuck with him. some of these mgtow dudes are full of shit. a woman who doesn't brush her teeth, can you get a bigger, redder flag than that? red ink dripping and splashing everywhrre. i picture her mouth like an old listerine commercial with all that wicked ass bacteria and shit multiplying. i could never do that to my dick knowing theres a hole on the tip of it.

  4. another great example, i saw the other day (going on the firefighter theme) was 2 women police officers, trying desperately to subdue a 160 lb guy who was combative and couldn't until a 250 lb civilian guy showed up and took him to the ground

  5. I dunno sometimes it depends on how you and her want this to go. If it's just sex then it has to be clear that that's all it can be and as long as you keep others out of your business then there will be no repercussions for you and your female co worker.

  6. Just got out of a short relationship with a cute girl from work who was a corpse in the sack. Party girl, lived at home still at 24, had lots of tats and hinted that i should get one. No tats ever here. So many red flags you'd think i was color blind! Certainly wasnt worth the awkward work moments…lesson learned. Never. Again.