Trying to Save Some Lives | Live From The Lair

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More questions answered and some advice given from at the Lair.

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45 Replies to “Trying to Save Some Lives | Live From The Lair”

  1. if you're a woman….don't try to square up with a man….feminism won….when women raise their fists….she becomes fair game. Men, if some strange woman is assaulting you….you need to put aside your sexism, treat her as an equal and knock her the fuck out. Maybe then she will acquire some womanly manners that her mother failed to teach her.

  2. One of the best pieces of advise I got from a professional, when it comes to people the past is a very accurate prediction of their future. Example, a woman who has a history of being a bitch, will continue to be a bitch. It is rare that people change for the better, most get worse. That is why it is important to study people. Even the top military people study the characteristics, past performance, etc. of their potential opponents. That is just common sense.

  3. My niece was living with my sister and being a bum. She wants to be a tattoo artist. She and my sister had a falling out, and she left again. I told my sister "whatever you do, don't let her come back home." I told my niece to get a job…any job, until she can start making money as a tattoo artist (not my idea career but my niece is actually a good artist.) She actually listened and got a job washing dishes, then she got a job working somewhere else. I am a bit of hard ass myself. I was in Navy boot camp two weeks after high school graduation. I turned 18 in boot camp.

    Joke em if they can't take a fuck.

  4. My view too TP…working to save the lives of young men.
    From my book "The Truth Be Told" I got about 100 emails from young men saying words to the effect "you might have just saved my life with this book"….feels pretty good too.

  5. This post should've been called 'How To Save A Life – Popps Style!' Quality work as always Popps during this youtube coldest Winter! I get the feeling they've also been throttling your subscriber traffic too … they do that to a lot of people they don't like – it's common practice! Screw them! They did it to themselves as you would say 🙂

  6. Wrong. The gender is a social construct and that's precisely why I won't consider marriage. Plus, marriage is a tool of patriarchy the men use to oppress women. Another good reason not to. Use these two when some busybodies try to mind your business and you'll be surprised how quickly they'll fuck off.

  7. I would STAND UP AND CHEER MY DAD ON if he did a channel like this. Too bad it took a Near Death Experience for him to divorce my biological Cluster B Cluster Fuck of a "mother." And guess what happened? He lived the remaining years of his long life in peace-and with a widow who loved the hell outta him since they dated as kids decades ago.
    My Dad is my hero.

  8. Terence Popp the headbanger ( with the long hair) on the tunes of back in black ACDC …. just kidding my good man! As for sticking a knife in the back thing that women do.. you should look up lottery winners ( 50 million 15 million $ etc) and see what happens. Most of the women are broke. If a couple won ( man +woman) they are either broke or divorced. there are stories out there of one couple that won 100 million euros, made all the right moves ( like investing , not doing crazy snot) and what did the wife do? She traded UP because the other dude made more money than her husband so he was slapped with a divorce. Half his shit gone plus child support and other BS.

    I do have a question/suggestion: how would you put together a "survival backpack"? what you really need in there and what not?

    Love the videos man! Keep doing what you are doing!

  9. Wish I could afford to throw some cash at you Popp. Still underwater on the mortgage after the ex rolled 40k of CC debt into a 2nd mortgage then, SURPRISE filed for divorce 2 weeks later.

    Bit by bit inch by inch I claw my way back to the surface, but never fucking again is my motto.

  10. There is a way to punch in a persons cell number into google maps and it shows you where they go for years up to present its fucking great….catch cheaters with ease men. I forget the site names though…search it up.

    Has she been getting 40 teyd up with the homies and pounded by tyrone? Recon.

  11. Hey Popp just a quick question, would it be better to go from the 82nd to Regiment as a tabbed SPC/CPL or a Jumpmaster tabbed E-5? I only ask because I feel as though going to Regiment as an E-5 that was in a delta company without much dismounted experience is asking for trouble.

  12. Also that chick, I have proof of her throwing bottles and actually getting ready to attack the man who cold-cocked her with a bottle.
    She's also a "hairy porn fetish actress" which I did not know was even a thing, and yes it's as disgusting as it sounds.

  13. Popp Daddy: there are only two genders, M/F. Actually those are sexes.

    "Gender" is a bunch of different things. Remember in the 80s when Annie Lennox and Boy George were called "gender benders" even though they were biologically female and male, respectively? They weren't called "sex benders" and for a good reason. You're old enough to remember that.

    If any reader want to understand this divide better, look at it this way: there are over 1,400 different kinds of Protestants because they all self-define differently. That's just ONE demographic, not including the other versions of Christianity, the other franchises of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Islam, Mormons); other religious such as Buddhism, Taoism, native faiths; the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, and other gods; and the 3.3 billion deities in the Hindu faith.

    But there are only two real choices–the real world or the supernatural. You either believe in fairy tales or you don't.

    Does that help?

  14. Yo Popp!! Your favorite wall smashed leather sack of gold digging Lisa Concepcion just posted a MGTOW DATING COACH video!!! I nearly cried laughing; even before reading the comments! You HAVE to see it at least. I doubt that you can resist making a response.

  15. divisive is just another buzzword, like "racist" or "bigoted". they try to make it sound all grand and spiritual or whatever, while in reality they think something like "how dare you take our pack mules away! those manginas are our slaves". you "divide" these parasites from their hosts.

  16. I don't like to ask for help, however I am just now going public with my story and my ex. I am like tons of guys that have gone through a divorce and family law court of being screwed. I am asking for help to buy a motorhome to live in so I can afford to be closer to my lil girl. Anything will thank you so much Fellow Red Pill for keeping me alive longer so my daughter knows me her dad.