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In this epic response to “The Husband ” video, Badd Popp explains why she’s full of more shit than a clogged toilet in a bar on St. Paddy’s Day.

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23 Replies to “THE REALITY MATRIX |”

  1. oh my God after watching this video I had to go check out the husband Matrix the see the whole video. she has the comment section disabled and you can't even dislike her video because she got that shit disabled too, so I really think she is a fucking bitch just for doing that. And secondly I thought she might of been kind of good looking then I seen her video and I wouldn't even fuck that bitch if I had 10 dicks, I mean seriously she probably had so many dicks in her her pussy lips probably looks like that cocoon alien creature from the alien movies right when it hatches out of the egg & Wraps around your fucking face. All her video did is prove how delusional women really are in her video she tells women to go ahead and scratch off man's that are seven in appearance because she thought they were waste of time fuck that bitch she's not even a 6. she honestly believes she can get a fucking 8 proves right there how delusional women are! even a woman that's a three still think she can land a 8 or a good looking man this just shows how crazy women are.

  2. I must be from a different world or a different era. I totally agree with this comeback video. What I don't understand is, how that crazy lady came up with that chart? I was raised with different morals and values. We're all visual but in my search for a mate, I wanted someone that was my friend and someone that made me laugh, someone to love forever and grow old with. I look for great character and how someone treats animals.
    I've got other things too but NEVER ONCE did my search for love include checking to see how much my potential mate makes. Honest to God.
    I've asked about occupations, as I think you can learn about someone by the type work they do but NEVER to find out how much money someone makes.
    It never fails though. The men I've met want certain women. The ones like that horse-lady. They get treated like crap and never give a girl like me a second thought. Weird how some things work..