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Slipping one by the goalie is very expensive. Some women will trick you into it. know this. And as more men are walking away from the plate, these tricks will become more common.

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46 Replies to “THE COST OF BABY RABIES |”

  1. Don't forget that a woman can eat hard, put on a bunch of weight, tell you she's pregnant, you believe it (because she's obviously putting on pregnancy weight) and start having non-protected sex which actually gets her pregnant. Be aware, gentlemen!

  2. 651,000$ !!!

    Damn, with that kind of money you can raise 3 children to 18 years of age alone with the surrogate method (I believe TFM did a number crunch video on how much money it would cost to raise a child alone through surrogacy, with nanny/daycare costs included, and the cost was around 220,000$ over 18 years).

  3. Definitely getting a vasectomy as soon as I possibly can! I refuse to have children that I know I can't afford.

    I thought my mom was actually cool with me getting one when I told her back in November….WRONG! She told me today that she wants another grandchild. Hope my sister's cool with having a second kid because i'm getting snipped. Started researching places to get one. Does anyone know if Planned Parenthood performs them as well?

  4. What men in college need are rules of engagement Popp. Here is my list.

    1) Two by two cover always. Find your self a wingman, and be their wingman this way you don't get caught in a honey trap.
    2) Move from cover to cover. In this case cover is covered by CCTV, high traffic, and high visibility. Use the ATM to check your balance keep the receipt because it's time and date stamped.
    3) Always Be Recording. Every interaction with every woman, or bro you don't know. Record that shit, catalog it, and save it for the day you might need it.
    4) Use rally points on campus. If you and your wingman get split up by classes, agree on a time and place to meet that fits rule number 2.
    5) Never meet alone with any female on the campus. Always bring a friend, and always record it. The professor tells you that you can't tell them the meeting is over.
    6) Always secure the L.Z. You and your wingman get a cheap apartment off campus someplace, and don't let any female in that is not a direct blood relation, and no bros you don't know.
    7) Until you completely vet any guy you meet you don't really trust them. Male feminists are spies working for the enemy they are the bro you don't know.
    8) The more unnatural the hair color the further you stay away from them. If their armpits are as hairy or hairier than yours avoid them completely.
    9) Give no comfort to the enemy. Don't buy them anything not a drink, not a stick of gum. Don't get the door, and don't give them the time of day unless it's related to class and then stick to minimal answers (Example: name, rank, serial number.)
    10) If their major ends in, "Studies," or comes from a Social Justice perspective get away from them think of them like a Zombie from World War Z, or the Walking Dead.

    Once your clear of College find a good sex worker, and become a regular customer because they are the most honest women on the planet, and their rates on slot C mileage are usually very good.

  5. The first in a companion piece with "How To Beat The Bitch In Divorce".Master "The Cost Of Baby Rabies" and you don't even have to watch the second of the set.Practical advice for placing condiments in condoms! Gotta watch something better than Space Ghost,though.Something with hot,naughty or throbbing in the title?Great work as usual guys!Thanks!

  6. Some judges believe BAH is the wives entitlement and it entirely goes to her but count gross with BAH and you have no money to only live in a crappy old barracks or your car! How come judges will throw max CS at a white guy but I saw many black guys who had 8 different baby mommas were getting 5 to 20/mo CS orders and just keep fathering kids with other women and living off them but women would refuse to date a white that has any children?

  7. Great Video! But' You didn't calculate the actual total loss to your net worth if you would of been able to have invested that $651.000.oo  into a modest retirement plan over that 18 year period; Probably about $3.500.000.oo  .And that's not taking in to account' if you live in California and the child go's to college, you still have to pay child sup/med/tuition until they graduate or turn 22. Now we're talking more like $10.000.000.oo. You want to talk about human trafficking, that's human trafficking!

  8. Child support is like reverse sharia law enforced to push men towards suicide. Do people still wonder why millennial men don't want to have babies? Instead of immigration of unemployable misfits on welfare, they could make the prospects of parenthood more appealing to people instead smh

  9. And for those of you out there who don't understand just how corrupt the family court system is, my ex torched me, got the kid, and destroyed my career after:
    – 3 arrests, one for shoplifting over $800 in merch
    – falsifying official statements to a United States Embassy
    – falsifying official statements to not one but THREE US courts
    – sleeping with my company 1SG (I was Army)
    – kidnapping and concealing my daughter for 2 years

    .. and that's the short list. The "family court" judge didn't care and wouldn't even let me enter it for consideration.

  10. I actually had a friend of mine who put tabasco sauce in a condom before he threw it away, the Sluore then tried to dig it out and cram the crème' up her slimy sniz! He heard this piercing scream as she burst out of the bathroom and she attacked him before crumpling on the floor from the burn. He left her there screaming at him on his way out the door, he dodged that bullet! XD

  11. My friend is heading down the path of "she says she doesn't want kids" with his live-in gf of 6months. I try to warn him of baby rabies but he just laughs it off. We do it to ourselves, men. Maybe we are that stupid, after all.