Trump Cure: Keeping America Safe!

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: A Combat Veteran

26 Replies to “Trump Cure: Keeping America Safe!”

  1. Trump is probably a racist, that or he's playing Americans like fools. I don't quite know which is worse. No, his views on immigration aren't inherently racist, but if you look at the actual person, he is a racist. As for keeping America safe….were good. It's our foreign interests that need our help. Thank God we aren't in a spot like Israel, where there is an imminent threat. As for building that wall….idiocy at its finest.

  2. Defending Trump is one of the best ways of showing that you're genuinely retarded. Not like haha the way we always call each other retards, I mean actually mentally retarded. Like, fully deficient. Congrats.

  3. Hey Brother, where can I get a jumbo canister of that stuff? You know what?…. Where can I get a 55-gallon drum of it? I'll rent a truck. I'll strap it to my back if need be. Double dose? Hell, I wish I only needed enough of that for my woman.