How I Got Into the Army | Live From The Lair


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talks about the origin of the -ular Mechanics code and how he got into the Army.

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43 Replies to “How I Got Into the Army | Live From The Lair”

  1. Any thoughts on why women are always afraid that things will blow up?
    Stove malfunctions car makes an odd sound or whatever they always say they are afraid it will blow up. It seems kinda universal with anything mechanical.

  2. popp,(chomping on the bit)! my oldest son and my youngest daughter are fuckin crack shots.(1000) meters! do you really think SWHTFF HERE????? Do you actually think this will happen here with the string pullers controlling all the obese watching dancing with the stars sheeple ? I'm praying it happen and soon so to cull the herd! PANDEMIC! Need i say more?

  3. This dude deserves millions of subscribers. Make a FB page so i can like it. Its so much easier to share and spread the gospel when its a FB shared off of a FB page. People see what other people like, and when you share a youtube vid most times people just scroll past that shit because its a pain in the ass.

  4. Hey, if you want to go next level as an army guy, but don't want to go Ranger and end up looking like you just barely survived a Nazi Concentration Camp (with probable health problems galore later), what other option is there?

  5. Man, I'd love to hear Popp do a stress analysis on one of these celebrities cocks. Cock is 25.4 mm diameter. Mass of woman is about 120 kg producing a force of 1.18 kN. This produces a compression stress in the cock of 2.34 MPa. If the woman received $100 million, that works out to be $42.74 per Pascal.

  6. I spent the summer of 88 at RTC San Diego. The Navy was a little kinder than the Army and they sent recruits to reading school which was, you had better learn how to read in a month or we shit can your asses. I also went through boot with a couple of guys who got "you either join the military or the judge throws you in jail," option.

    I've ran across more than my fair share of teenagers who are morbidly obese. They are not only physically fat, but they have a fat mentality when it comes to everything they do, and I am not talking about exercise doing things physically. They have it in every aspect of life. That to me is the bigger problem.

    Using facts will usually piss off the feminists.

    PS: Do you have any good stories from when you was a Sergeant Major?

  7. Does anyone else worry that all this talk of bloodbath apocolyptic collapse in this country will become a self fulfilling prophecy? I'm hearing this kind of talk more and more and worry that paranoia or dwelling on it will expedite or even cause it's occurrence. Maybe the focus should be on how to improve the situation more and be on possible solutions to problems that exist. Just my 2 cents. Popp, love your channel and thanks for all your work, service, and advice.

  8. Yeah, but popp? I've been Waiting… for 7 years now for the SHTF. I'm gunna have to start eating my freeze-dried food because it will only last 25 years. I've got about 1.5 years worth. Would like to get a swim spa for water, should it all go down. Anyone who comes sippin in my swim spa gets shot.

  9. When government cannot pay to maintain law and order.When it cannot pay or finance a military.When investors lose confidence in the government's ability to tax.Then and only then will you have your collapse.
    For the moment,grab your ankles cause as a man you are going to get so fucked over between now and then.

  10. What is your take on Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who published "You Might Want to Marry My Husband" shortly before dying of cancer?
    In it, she praised all of her husband's wonderful qualities, which highlighted both the silly little things he did to make her feel special, and her continuing appreciation of them. Do you hunk this is what's missing in most modern marriages (although she and her husband are not too far apart in age from you)?

  11. Bro, my time was at the same as you in the late 80's (88-93) and my experience was like the movie Jarhead, but "so like, guess we better go kick some ass if they have the budget" Canadian. We used to say, we were good at what we did, because we had to do the same job with half the gear, and pretend we were sober hahaha. Love everything you do brother, don't always agree, but always support

  12. I am thinking that yes you SHOULD get a face book thing. but have it connected to your video venture here. how that is done , I am clueless. I am now well into my sixties.

    if you don't know it, there are many youngsters who plug into you as a semi father figure. they grow up in female households and can't , for the very life for themselves, even KNOW, how to 'act' masculine.

    I discussed with several young males in my family and sons of my peer group men friends.
    They pretty much agreed about the face book connection, being a HUGE boost to both your number of viewers, revenue stream, number of subscribers , etc.

    and from me personally, for a young man, you seem to be A-Okay in my book.

    keep on keeping on 1st Sgt. you are doing a necessary task.

  13. Hi Popp
    Looks like you have been proved right again with the latest terrorist attack in a Paris airport. The lone male terrorist took the female soldier's gun from her. Not only could she not cut the mustard but her presence endangered the civilians at the airport