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Dennis Manuge was injured in an accident at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa in just before being deployed to Bosnia in 2001. He left the military in 2003, suffering from a lower back injury and bouts of depression. To date, the class-action lawsuit over military pension clawbacks have reached a tentative settlement with worth up to $887.8 million.
The law firm that represents Dennis Manuge, the lead plaintiff in the case, says the proposed deal includes $424.3 million in retroactive payments to veterans that dates back to 1976. That includes $82.6 million in interest.
The rest of the settlement is an estimate of the amount the veterans will be owed in the future and a $10-million scholarship fund for veterans and their families.
He filed the class-action lawsuit in March 2007 on behalf of himself and other disabled veterans whose long-term disability benefits were reduced by the amount of the monthly s Affairs disability pensions they received.