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While it isn’t portable, this “laptop” provides a pretty unique experience for those in search of a high performance gaming laptop…

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32 Replies to “The LEAST PORTABLE Laptop Yet! ASUS GX800”

  1. Its just a desk top that looks like Laptop but less convenient ,You would be better off building a small Lan rig with handles and side keyboard and mouse storage ,Water or Air cooled.,and it would cost less and be much easier to move

  2. This is by far the best option out of all of the "Jumbo" computers. Because the use case for these things is not taking it to the local starbucks and working on your screenplay, it's using it as a desktop replacement that is able to be picked up and taken other places. You aren't supposed to carry this in your backpack. You are supposed to carry it in luggage (like the one we saw in the video). For the traveling professional who needs a desktop with very high performance and has a very high budget, this thing is a great all in one solution.

  3. The worst thing is… I was searching ASUS ROG laptops and i started from the highest price…. I found this and there's someone that saved money for it…. He's almost there as well…. WTF Gaming….

  4. I'm just imagining if someone bought this in real life…

    A Normal Guy: Hey bro, What are you looking for?
    Hardcore Gamer: Nah, Just gaming laptops
    A Normal Guy: Oh, Have you decide?
    Hardcore Gamer: Yeah!….
    A Normal Guy: Which one?
    Hardcore Gamer: THAT ONE!
    A Normal Guy: How much does it cost?
    Hardcore Gamer: Umm… Just more than $6000
    A Normal Guy: We're not friends anymore…

    Who the fuck thinks this is a good idea? They're probably drunk if someone bought this…