Omron Factory Tour – The Making of a Logitech Romer-G Switch


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and flew us out to to show us just how much goes into each and every Romer-G switch…

Thanks to and for making this video possible! Check out the G910 Orion Spark at


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24 Replies to “Omron Factory Tour – The Making of a Logitech Romer-G Switch”

  1. This video convinced me of buying Logitech's G Pro keyboard. I've been using Cherry MX switches for a long time but they're always inconsistent and fail quickly when playing games like Osu! making it a PITA to submit replacement requests often to Razer, Corsair and DAS Keyboard.

    However, my Logitech accessories seem to last forever and in the few instances they have actually failed they've made sure to replace the product painlessly (some of the other companies don't even offer replacement support in my country).

    Thanks for the interesting video!

  2. Very sick video, it's been a while since I dropped a fast like! Was the 7:16 part suggested by them or did you guys suggest that?

    Also, I hate to be this guy but, these are called Yukata's, they're the cheaper (and commonly worn) version of Kimono's.