GoPro The Handler (Floating Hand Grip)

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Price: CDN$ 43.99

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Who would have thought that a little stick could make such a difference? The Handler Floating Hand Grip is damn near genius in both its simplicity and the quality and creativity of the shots it allows you to take. Whether going for a selfie, or point-of-view perspective, or just trying to get that tricky angle, the Handler is your jam. It’s also entirely buoyant, and it supports any camera along with any attached LCD Touch Screen or Battery BacPac accessories. The box includes an adjustable wrist strap, as well as The , a thumb screw wrench that is useful for mounting cameras as well as for opening bottles.Increases Stability: Helps you capture steadier footage compared to holding the camera by hand.
Floats Any : The Handler keeps your afloat so you can shoot in and around the water, worry free. BacPac Compatible: Floats your camera with an LCD Touch BacPac or Battery BacPac attached.
Comfortable, Secure Grip: Soft, non-slip material makes The Handler comfortable to hold and provides a more secure grip. Easy Aiming: The Handler makes it easy to aim your camera and capture a variety of angles.
Perfect for Watersports: Capture immersive POV Footage while surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, boating and more. Waterproof to 33′ (10m)
Includes: The : Comes with The , a thumb screw wrench that doubles as a bottle opener. Wrist Strap: The adjustable wrist strap provides greater security of your camera.