Final Deployment of My New PC! – Personal Rig Update 2015 Part 5 (FINALE)

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It is finally, FINALLY, time to install my new personal server/gaming PC/awesome machine!!

Claypower CP-900W-2U Double Online Conversion Rack/Tower UPS:
iStarUSA M-3120- 3U 3.5″ 12-Bay Trayless Storage Server Rackmount Chassis:
Xeal IS-550R8P 550W PS2 mini redundant PSU:

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50 Replies to “Final Deployment of My New PC! – Personal Rig Update 2015 Part 5 (FINALE)”

  1. I build, install, and service headend rack systems( PC, commercial satellite, etc.), none of which have water-cooling for good reason. Either some components have fans and/or most are passively cooled in typically an well upgraded A/C'd room. So, i am interested to know, has there been any heat issues, considering this is in a insulated, sealed room? Many times such systems have been installed in a hot room of some sort which soon begins to fail one way or another and need at least a door vent or box fan for the cheapo owners; instead of a wall mount a/c. Does the water cooling radiators provide enough cooling? I suggest installing a room thermometer.

  2. You realize LInus that just because those 4U rackmount rails clamp on themselves that you can and should still put screws in them to secure them, which I know because I have my own 12U server rack with a networking lab.

  3. Now seeing the video pass through from the GPU to the thunderbolt 2 card at 9:50 makes sense for one monitor but what if you have multiple. Does it work fine since the display-port standard supports daisy chaining monitors? Also if you grab some usb to VGA converter and plug it into the dock will that completely bypass the graphics card? I assume it will.

  4. Linus, I don't know how you keep making these videos so interesting. Your personality is very entertaining. The over one million views is well worth the entertainment value. I do ask, if you ever get the time, make a video on tech for the blind and visually impaired. Just asking.