Become A Veteran WIthout The Military!


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Haters will say this isn’t real.

: A Combat Veteran

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  1. I like getting dress blues, slapping on 4 MOHs, Master Gunnery Sergeant insignia, every award for valor, a Ranger tab, a SEAL trident, master jump wings, an MP badge, master combat diver insignia, master EOD insignia, 85 years of service stripes, and a naval aviator badge.

  2. Or say you're some CRAAAAAAZY rank and have no idea about the process needed to get there i.e. Time served, age, and maybe line scores. That and always grow a beard, ladies this means you too I had a SSG once that asked if I had shaved that day… I had but obviously she hadn't and her dears was the shit lol. Hope you read this chesterfield, first name withheld for well privacy sake. But seriously having a beard in uniform is a sure fire way to get people to be like that scrawny 19 yr old was definitely an O6 army recon frogman for sure.🖕🏻go serve pussies!

  3. hell yeah. im for real Bro. is it possible for you to help me accomplish this. ptsd. i already obtained. no shit. through and through. not something im proud of. but please help me out. vouch for me. so i may receive a credential of some vindication saying so. i want to learn the in.s and out.s. build myself to a better person. you have the means to make it happen. please. help. be my wingman so to speak. excluding girls. just training. please! i love you guy's. i want that brother hood

  4. go out of state will be a problem. i draw disability. so money is extremely tight. fucking bills Bro. i really needs this. survival. pt training. hand to hand skills. im familiar with a lot of weapons. and wilderness survival. i from the country. so meat would be on my menu out in the bush no problem there. basic military training and a earned right to wear a uniform.

  5. Don't know how to contact you directly to have a heart to heart. either way i love and respect the fuck out you and what you fid for us and this country i love. plus all your Brother's active or Retired. GOD Bless you. i just want to be a true Brother with you guy's. but either way. ill stand with you through hell and back. fucking Promise their Brother.