A new way to study the brain’s invisible secrets | Ed Boyden


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Neuroengineer Ed Boyden wants to know how the tiny biomolecules in our brains generate emotions, thoughts and feelings — and he wants to find the molecular changes that lead to disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. Rather than magnify these invisible structures with a microscope, he wondered: What if we physically enlarge them and make them easier to see? Learn how the same polymers used to make baby diapers swell could be a key to better understanding our brains.

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35 Replies to “A new way to study the brain’s invisible secrets | Ed Boyden”

  1. b4 anyone shouts at me, this is from a experiment by a top scientist.. its proven that there must be a signal to the brain to make you move your arm. i.e yes the brain signals recorded by a test shows what part makes u lift the arm, but there must be something that turns that signal on, i.e consciousness, OR this guys team might show that the Pineal gland, as shown on ancient scrolls throughout time they knew it was special, makes that initial message,and that is key to consciousness. (conspiracy theory alert,fluoride calcify s this gland stopping telepathic and meditation abilities, BUT why would government want that,people think it hocus pocus anyway without that in water supply say in Britain who is un fluoride watered,Maybe though they want to slow ALL thoughts, and they know as there labs are better funded than most, that the conscious is in the pineal and that sends a invisible signal to the part of brain that is needed!

  2. Upon contaminating bio-materials with a foreign substance, they want to expand that biomass, which would break numerous neurological pathways and distort the internal chemistry? They must be desperate to even consider such.

  3. Few treatments, try marijuana, hemp, THCa. For example: I have watched people cure themselves from seizures caused by epilepsy, but they are still addicted to the chemical pharmaceuticals, which is their major struggle at the present moment. Let's start learning more about what we already have and know. New technologies? I see we have plenty, my personal perception. Much love.

  4. I don't think we should eliminate all mental issues as they are different types of awareness and potential. Instead we should understand them better and figure out how to steer the problems toward the potential. Examples include bipolar disorder, autism, and adhd

  5. Is there a governing law where Dr Boyden is only allowed to share and test his idea's on his only family DNA. While his family might be housed in a huge building full of test tubes at the top of a cliff. We might yet save the rest of the world from diaper rash.

  6. The pattern of neuronal connections as well as the organised positions of tiny biomolecules are determined by the Electromagnetic field that permeates the brain (and body for that matter). Look at the way a flock of birds fly exactly in sync and even turn sharply with split second precision. Similarly, in real time, the tiny biomolecules will move depending on the pattern of the EM field. This is in fact simple chemistry and physics. We know that molecules react to applied EM fields, particular frequencies pertaining to particular elements. We also know that molecules may respond by emitting or absorbing photons or electrons, thereby creating a bio-feedback loop for strengthening or weakening the applied EM field.

    The EM field is a sum of a number of fields, including the emissions from the molecules themselves, as well as the EM fields caused by the electrical activity of the neurons firing. (We learnt in high school that an electric current through a wire will create a resulting magnetic field and visa versa. Ampere, Maxwell etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell%27s_equations).

  7. he didnt propose any ideas on how they would get the brain to contract back to its normal size and rid of the polymers. very interesting work they have lined up that has potential to shape the future of many brain properties but there has to be a way to undo the synthetic resizing and remove the foreign material or perhaps find a way to utilize

  8. sounds like a way to partition off cancerous areas of the body to me. we try to shrink cancer…perhaps we should try this type of idea. make it 'bigger., then it could easily be separated from healthy tissues. the cells would have to pop rather than multiply.? maybe?