When Privates Buy Brand New Cars!


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I will be at Ft. Hood main PX this SATURDAY 1500HRS!!

: A Combat Veteran


38 Replies to “When Privates Buy Brand New Cars!”

  1. Yup. Let your NCOs, or army tell you what fucking car you should get. As if the army doesn't run your life enough already. Might as well take your privates to Walmart and tell them what brand of toilet paper they should wipe their ass with.

  2. I remember being brand new E-1 my leadership was on my ass about getting a car so I wouldn't have to rely on everyone else driving me places. So, when the time came, I got a care. Guess what.. Got smoked because it wasn't the fucking car they would'v got

  3. Bro, every time I get a new private I'm making them watch this. Then I'm gonna PT the shit out of them for being Privates. Then I'm going to re-tell them about how First Sergeant could have helped them.

    Then I'm going to that dealer's lot and killing every mother fucker I see, as they know this shit and don't screen for it.

    Fuck you, car dealership that preys on my brothers….

  4. Combat Vet! When are you going to make it down to MacDILL AFB!? Love your channel brother! Best wishes for continued success. Feels great to see a fellow veteran doing great out in the civilian world!