When Flirting Turns To A Sharp Complaint!

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: A Combat Veteran

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  1. Had a friend make it to special forces. Passed selection and Q course. His gf who's also in the military wanted to get married he said wait until he gets established and such because Hes going to be sent away for awhile. She didn't want to wait got mad sharped him in spite after dating a year made up a bunch of stuff although it was fake then broke up. He then got kicked out and his life is over and his life long dream of SF was over and he's attempted suicide because of his shattered dreams. I'm all up for Sharp awareness but people abuse it soooooo hard.

  2. I am not so old that I'm going to wax about the golden age of the Army. I understand and accept that this is the new soldier for a different world. I just can't help thinking there are warriors in Valhalla go'n …….W.T.F.O.!

  3. I dont understand why people go out of there way to see you fall. I mean I understand rape and things of that nature. but to get in kicked out for a little flirting? 😒 what do you expect? it's in our DNA to flirt with women.. besides wouldn't you want people to find you attractive?

  4. I was talking to some guys in the military, they were Marines, but I think they meant this in a general sense; They told me if I want to join the military dont do something you like cause you'll end up hating it? Is there any truth to this?

  5. I remember in basic at Ft. Jackson, a couple of drill sgts. would flirt openly with a couple of the cute big booty privates. talking about "you are filling that uniform out nicely ain't you priateee" shit was hilarious.