Trump and the Media | Live From The Lair

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27 Replies to “Trump and the Media | Live From The Lair”

  1. HRC didn't even deny the contents of the emails… was only mad that she got hacked. Considering how many people still voted for her… then I realized why she didn't care…. they were exactly what she wanted, "A compliant and unaware population." She just didn't count on there being enough of the 'aware' population, in the right places.

    Feminists: I'm fighting for equality between men and woman, I demand Shariah Law… for interest free Credit Cards! /rollseyes

  2. The liberal elite establishment betrayed the workers and joined the neocon elite 30 years ago. Opportunities and bettering workers was replaced by social justice that costs virtually nothing while the rich made billions from workers competing with third world and multiculturalism. They mainly picked on males by favoring females. In November was the first time the workers have rebelled by rejecting the liberal elite candidate. The liberal elite are now very very angry with the workers and are using their chief weapons, Media and naive useful idiot feminists to make war on Trump. This is a proxy war against all workers.

  3. Dear Mr. Popp
    I simply LOVE your army stories! The last two about the anal thermometer and the "vomelet" literally made my day. Heck, I even re-played the thermometer story at least 4 times! It would be of great benefit if you'd include at least one funny-ass army story in every of yours vlogs or even main videos. Clear, crisp and funny as heck!
    Take care!

  4. You need to do a show on illegal immigration. For myself it really pisses me off. My grandfather and grandmother immigrated from Sweden. My grandmother studied, worked hard and past the tests at the time. My grandfather fought in WWI, fought in the trenches and got promoted to artillery. Now people come here and get the right to drive a car when for myself it is only a privilege. What the fuck gives with that bullshit?

  5. I started following u to de program myself from man hating I was raised with but stopped watching as much because some stuff just doesn't pertain me, but  a VLOG is a good idea! You would reach a much larger audience this way in addition to ur other stuff.

  6. I don't get why people have to always get so dramatic over minor sexual assaults, yes it is not pleasant but it's not really a big deal. The number of unsolicited times I've had my dick and balls grabbed by women is redonkulous. Though it's like ehhh meh not nice, bad bad. Not kill me now I am tainted, I am scared, I am depressed. There is a massive difference between rape and minor sexual assaults but feminism fucked that too.

  7. Tort law is one reason why medicine is so expensive, but the primary cost are the innumerable labyrinthine regulations that have to be passed, not to mention the cost of insurance. And then there's the insurance that users have to buy and the amount of regulations weighing it down. It's no wonder healthcare is so expensive. My little tinfoil hat conspiracy theory is that leftists have been making healthcare so expensive the past few decades by seeping in one regulation after another that it would make healthcare prohibitively expensive. Whittle those down by 90%, let the free market run its course, and watch the cost of healthcare, decent healthcare, drop like a rock.