The Truth Hurts | Live From The Lair

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Popp answers more questions on feminism, abortion, single motherhood, the Berkeley Riots, and PTSD.

*One Correction: 80% of children raised by single mothers don’t wind up in prison, but 80% of prison inmates were raised by single mothers.*

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36 Replies to “The Truth Hurts | Live From The Lair”

  1. Hi Sir, Really like your impute on everything you have said here, If I ever get to meet you in person I would be dam proud to shake your hand and buy you a beer I had a friend that went thru the big d could not stand to see the ex so he  payed thrur the courts  if she wanted to talk to him about the kids it went thru the courts he has a lot of money but has a lot less and for there was no way he was going to deal with her every mo he just set up an account and never had to be reminded of his mistake and he was happy for it when it goes thru the court their is no he said she said b.s. couldn't trust her at all he tried to civil but she wanted everything including his balls lol, sorry for the long speech did the big d myself luckily there was no kids I got the cloths I was warring and my truck and my Harley she didn't want them I still owed on the truck and I still own it even 20 yrs later lo lol , oh I now have three Harleys and own everything I have may not be the best but its mine

  2. Hello buddy 👍
    am from Belfast Ireland and I love your videos exposing what's going on in ginosentric society really good quality stuff 👍
    Im trying to get joined custody of my 7 year old boy, I finding it hard to get a job I see a lot of women working and see lot women working 16 hour a week jobs because they don't want there benefits be effected and they when they work 16 hours a week they are gaining more money and I can see why companys want to hire people who want to work 16 hours a week because they can get three workers for the price of one worker 16+16+16= 48
    any hours 35 or more is full time job and it's hard to get a full time job if you are a man now days
    please share your thoughts and keep up good work buddy

  3. Right on Popp. The ex tried tried using the kids for a means to her end. Fortunately I am one of the very few that got custody because she never learned how to make sure all her lies had evidence backing them up. Uncommon judge as well. I hope she is enjoying her slimy ass life because when I have to tell my kids I can't afford something I never lie and inform them that if child support worked for men as well as for women that maybe I could do more. Regardless, they know they are my priority and they haven't been used for someone else's selfish personal reasons since I divorced the cunt six years ago. Keep fighting the good fight Popp. You have more backers than you know.

  4. Youuuuu champion!
    Seriously if a woman wants to take fists to you you're fine to return the favor in my books. Always good if you can restrain yourself, regardless of who's coming at you, but equal rights (and lefts) imo.
    And yeah, abortion… In certain circumstances I think the state should sponsor it (ie: Rape victim), but not just an on-demand pre-paid out for sluts.

  5. So. Its february. Time to chill. Take a load off God knows you saddled us with alot. I think things are going to get better, slowly but surely. Stay the course, drink some wine and know, there are still good people out there that God has kept. And by the way, stop peppering Popp with too many questions, fuxxake thats unreasonable.

  6. I've been following you for awhile and I love the fact that you've been there and done that. This isn't realated to your video but after my time serving in the Marines and no not my first enlistment. Being aware of the old guard that did the full twenty or better. I only did 8 and some change and got out recently because I was constantly told that my ways were obsolete and had no place. so I got out bitter and upset but I'm finding it hard move past it and get my shit square away. I'm less then 2 months out how did you move past it without not being part of somthing bigger then your self.

  7. truth can hurt, but shouldn't
    not justice nor peace, only truth alone prevails

    defathering stop funding households, stop single moms
    the most forgotten group is children&fathers
    women's rights and homosexuality
    fakefun&feelgood, asif humane

  8. I refuse to date or even trust a single mother. Most times she's only going to give you her side of the story and demonize the father, a man is more likely to admit his mistakes where a woman knows she can get the most out of you if she can make you think she's infallible.
    Single mothers are put on some sort of pedestal and the moment you criticize them people want to crucify you even if you are telling the truth. If women want equal rights, they deserve equal misery.

  9. I'm new to MGTOW as of one month. I just got sick of never being good enough for any woman because of my height (180 cm), looks, and race (dark skinned). It seems like Western women are more and more entitled nowadays and give back less and less. Unlike most MGTOW's though, I've never even had a girlfriend before or (free) sex.

    I guess my question is, are there even any good girls left out there? Or has a mix of gynocenticism, hypergamy, and feminism just made it so that men have to rely on porn for lust and pets for companionship nowadays? I mean, I assume the answer is no, because all I see on campus are feminist assholes.

  10. Riots and demonstrations are so old-timey and quaint. It's very retro. These young'uns are going back to the olden days when people thought demonstrations actually inspired anyone. Makes me want to break out my quill and stationery and scrawl a letter to my congressman to give him what fer. It's like these kids haven't heard of the internet and social media and Youtube. It's so cute they think they can actually suppress ideas by having a good old fashioned riot. Even the CIA can't stop terrorists from sending encrypted messages and openly publishing e-magazines about their lifestyle. Good for them — getting out and getting some fresh air and exercise.

    And look at where they held their riot. Berkeley is getting very old and falling down. Everyone knows the future of learning is over the www. Why pay hundreds of thousands for an education at burned out buildings when you can stay home and take a class while you're masturbating and online shopping?

  11. I really wish civvies would figure out how bad of a question "Did you ever kill anyone?" is.If the answer is yes, then you're suddenly a psycho that they need to distance themselves from. If the answer is no, then they treat you as if your service didn't matter. Like because you didn't personally blow a terrorist's brains out that means you're not really a vet, so it's okay if they don't give you the respect they claim they have for all vets.

    Fucking bullshit man.

  12. Single moms are our biggest problem with society. They produce kids that grow up to be fucked up adults, adding to poverty and crime…and the cycle will continue. Single moms are like skid marks on the Mona Lisa of western society.

    We need to get back to shaming women who have kids without a husband…and we need to police our own who pump and dump without a raincoat. If a person wants to fuck up their own life…hey its a free country. But when you add other lives into the mix….we got a problem.

    I had this realization when a young girl I knew got knocked up at 18. (She had a previous abortion at 14)….pretty much followed in her cunt of a mother's footsteps. I remember how everyone was congratulating her and acting happy about it…while I was thinking…"congrats kid, you just fucked up for life…say hello to poverty…for you and for your kid…nice going"…I thought it but I didn't say anything…..never again.