One Meal a Day | Live From The Lair

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talks about graduating from after surviving on one meal a day.

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21 Replies to “One Meal a Day | Live From The Lair”

  1. the greatest lie ever told is that the idea that texas, being a republican majority, somehow translates into more personal liberty. it does not … AT ALL the left and the right are merely wings of the same evil bird.

  2. Electrician, You've got to pass the rite of passage. Touch the live wire. Understand how you will not get electrocuted by doing this. Good boots, Good understanding of your environment. Don't try this at home. Path of least resistance. Do the math!

  3. Hey there Pop! I know this is off topic on your video. But I have a lot of time to sit and think about all kinds of things at my job, cause I'm not very busy a lot of the time lol. And I was thinking about this "white privilege" everyone is always talking about. I've always thought this was bullshit, and there is no such thing as "white privilege". But yesterday, I sorta had a revelation. I think we DO have privilege in this country being white men. But that is only because this is OUR fucking country. White men built everything in this country. Therefore, we benefit from it more than non whites. BUT, if I was to go over to Nigeria. I would no longer have any privilege, because that is not my home country. The native Nigerians would have more privilege than me, because it's THEIR country. And THEY built everything in it. The same would go for the Japanese in Japan, Brazilians in Brazil, Pakistanis in Pakistan, Saudi Arabians in Saudi Arabia, etc. etc. All of these groups would have MORE privilege than ME in their home countries. Because it's THEIR country. THEY built it. Not me. And I'm totally okay with that. So I find it funny that liberals here in the U.S. are giving all our rightfully earned power away to foreigners that weren't born here, so they can show they're "checking their privilege" When these foreigners wouldn't do the same for me in their home countries. What do you think? I don't know if anyone has ever thought of this before, I'm sure someone has lol, but I can't remember hearing anyone else say this before. If you agree, please feel free to use this example in one of your videos. And maybe we can get this idea spread around even more. It's okay for us white men to have more privilege than non whites here in the U.S. Because this is OUR fucking country. Not theirs. Lemme know what you think buddy! Love your videos! Keep up the great work! 😁👍

  4. Shit, one whole meal a day? I could do that. A few years back I was in such a bad spot that I spent two weeks doing 10-11 hour shifts with only a vitamin and single glass bottle of coke a day. I think in those two weeks I lost…I wanna say almost 20lbs? This wasn't some comfy desk job, either, I was moving and lifting heavy shit while cleaning other shit that was considered a biohazard with a cleaning agent powerful enough to blind you if you didn't rinse your eyes out seconds after contact.

    After the third or fourth day, I kinda was able to just deal with it. Had my vitamin, had the coke and I dug it. That final day, I believe a Thursday night, I had to call my supervisor and tell him I had to call in because I just couldn't get up from bed. I told him that for certain reasons, I couldn't afford food and I was completely out for the past two weeks. My reason for that is that my car shat the bed and I paid back the guy who helped me out the second I got paid…which was pretty much all my check.

    What did I do when I got paid? After five hours of laying in bed, half waiting for the direct deposit, half trying to physically will myself to so much as sit up, I went and got me some god damned Popeye's. To this day it's still my best meal.

    Could I have avoided the entire situation? Sure, I was 20 when it happened, but I did it.

  5. Popp I have nothing but respect for you, you're an inspiration for men everywhere, you didn't give up after getting divorced, you fought back and you've inspired me to do the same, I can proudly say that after 2 years of being divorced, I finally had enough to give the down payment for my house, I'll finish paying it when I turn 60 but its worth it, it might not be enough for my family, but its more than enough for my son, and if he's proud of me I don't care what the rest of my family has to say

  6. Thats a damn fine sword collection sir and I salute you for this video, keep em coming – its good to have a wepon close by just incase the ex wife comes by, just like Meduza you must cut off hear head otherwice they keep coming back

  7. Have you considered immigrating from the Country of New York to a free Country?? Fuck I am in Southern Idaho, bring yer kid<s>. Its a great place for kids,, there are lots of small furry creatures fleeing in terror, Its long range rifle country, lots of military around here cost of living is pretty cheap, good place to live , serious mountains low population density, lots of mexicans, and a moderate number of all other minorities .and it will help if you can speak spanish some . There are kinda too many liberals here but I think they are fading some. The capitol itself is pretty yuppy// cosmopolitan, , but it doesnt take long to get away from that.if you want to. Its also colder than shit sometimes .
    Frozen Joe from Idaho………….