How to find a wonderful idea | OK Go


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Where does OK Go come up with ideas like dancing in zero gravity, performing in ultra or a warehouse-sized for their music videos? In between live performances of “” and “The One Moment,” lead singer and director takes us inside the band’s creative process, showing us how to look for wonder and surprise.

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21 Replies to “How to find a wonderful idea | OK Go”

  1. A new patent I just read about, will allow space elevators to be built with current materials.
    It has multiple tethers at its center ( for greatest strength ) and fewer tethers
    as you move away from center  ( for lesser amounts of mass ).
    Liftport has plans to build a Lunar elevator from current material.
    Using that same material for an Earth based elevator would reach the lunar gravity center
    (about 9,000 km AGL) approx. 1/6 G. Add this new concept and you could reach Earth's surface.
    We can do this now. Let's get started. What do you think?

  2. They always try to push their creativity to go beyond their limits. These guys are best at blending their well thought-of music to their intricately designed videos. I've always been an OKGO fan and this colourful TED Talk is what I believe one of their best music videos to date.