Game of Thrones Season 7: #WinterIsHere Trailer #2 (HBO)


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It may be the first day of summer, but #WinterisHere on 7.16.
Season 7 premieres this July.
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38 Replies to “Game of Thrones Season 7: #WinterIsHere Trailer #2 (HBO)”

  1. When winter comes for war,
    You shall hear no Lions roar.
    When winter forces you to yield,
    No Stags shall graze upon the field.
    When winter creeps upon you from the shadows,
    No Roses shall bloom from the meadows.
    When winter wreaks havoc on the land,
    You can bet there'll be no Snakes in the sand.
    When winter brings to life all it finds grim,
    The Krakens will freeze where they swim.
    When winter sets and the land begins to shiver,
    The Flayed Man will start to rot and wither.
    When winter fights to the last sliver,
    No more Trouts shall swim in the river.
    When winter ravages and all despair,
    No Falcons shall fly high in the air.
    When winter shows you what happens when snow falls,
    Not even Dragons Breath shall warm you in your halls.
    When winter comes with all it's might,
    Only the Wolves shall howl in the night!

  2. I was re-watching season 4 and I noticed that in a scene where the red woman was taking a bath she did not have her necklace on and she was still young. Why does she turn old in season 5 or 6 when taking her necklace off?

  3. Long ago the seven kingdoms lived in harmony, then everything changed when the Lannisters attacked, Only the Targaryen, ruler of all seven kingdoms can stop them, but when the realm needed him most he died, Twenty years passed, Lord Varys and I discovered the new Targaryen, a Khaleesi named Daenerys, Although her dragons are great, she still has a lot to learn before she's ready to conquer Westeros, But I believe Daenerys will save the realm.
    (Game of Thrones Opening…)