Women Are Freezing Their Eggs and It’s All Our Fault | Live From The Lair

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Except not at all. It’s feminism’s fault.


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44 Replies to “Women Are Freezing Their Eggs and It’s All Our Fault | Live From The Lair”

  1. 3 years ago I thought my life ended when I lost my wife, and my kid, but hey I'm still here and I'm better off without the whore, though I wish I could spend more time with my son, I am better today, I have a house a good job and a better life, if it wasn't for you Popp I wouldn't have been able to resist for those 3 years, thank you Popp

  2. First throw off men from universities by sexist discrimination. And then whining that there are no men any more. And then even blaming men for that. Feminists are just so incredibly selfish that they are completely incapable of any empathy with men. And that is the true reason why they are all alone. They cannot find friends, let alone a husband.
    And yes, Redunculus, the feminists will find a way to get a refund from tax money for their egg freezing.

  3. 10:50
    Popp, I know my nation of Canada has been pretty cucked lately particularly with Trudeau j.r., but bad news have come out about "until 18-21". In Ontario there's legislation being worked on to make it so men have to CONTINUE to pay child support if the child is disabled. A man who has been paying child support for a handicapped kid since the boy was 4 has gone into debt from it. I think it was first around $400-600 a month, then he was brought to court to increase it to $1000 or more a month, and he's gone into debt from it. The boy is 22 now, and he was looking forward to working his way out of debt to go on with his life.

    They went to court, and he now has to continue paying child support because the 'child' is a mentally challenged adult. He's, as you can well understand, devastated. It's planned to bring this into Canadian Law so that women not only will women get a pay cheque for for the foreseeable future if they shit out a kid, but if it's a retarded kid, they MIGHT end up with a pay cheque for either the life of the kid, or the life of the father.

    … also, some freaky-looking trans-person 'they' pronouned BC 'thing' has a kid that has nothing in the 'sex' category of the birth certificate… Canada is going down fast… I just hope we can get rid of Trudeau j.r. ASAP and go Conservative once more like with Harper. If Trudeau j.r. gets another term, please, pray for us, but I will as always continue to vote Conservative every fucking chance I get. I thought you'd like to know about the child support thing though, in particular.

  4. Europeans already see this in the making. That's why they are importing MEN ( after telling everyone that its refugee women and children they are bringing in ). They've created dating app's for western women to hook up with Muslim men and refugees as a way to increase populations for extortion. That's how welfare works. Welfare is funded by child support and working men. The only choice Europe is going to have to keep socialism working is to levee child support on muslims. Lol, try that one out. The only choice I see them making here in the States is to legislate a bachelor tax to force men to procreate ( somewhat like they are trying in Japan and China to expand procreation for extortion ) OR allowing polygamy in which most black women practice by sharing the same men. White western women are starting to catch onto this as well Just for the sake of child birth and State support.

  5. I keep hearing the term ( Professional women ). I dont care what job title you have, you are still not a Man and will never rise above your Genetic Biological make up. High level women are just a woman in all reality and nothing more. Its evident that they create nothing, build nothing, produce nothing. The Government is full of fucking women who do absolutely nothing for the greater Society. They suck resources from every Man that is out there working and producing.

  6. When I was in 3rd grade I took a bologna and cheese sandwich to school for lunch. I put it in my little shelf box in the classroom. I forgot about it and when the school year was over, we had to clean out our things out of our little shelf boxes. I understand completely about your reference to "Sandwich bags"…

  7. I think someone should tell them the Christian grey muli millionaire is never gonna come. Christian grey type of men have unlimited options and won't marry a 40 year old office worker sorry not sorry.

  8. Many years before, I was a middle class work-slave drone, married twice to women on my level and ditched both times – both to affairs (them not me. And no kids, thank God).

    Now I'm a kick ass, sonafabitch business owner and consultant, snappy dresser with great paper. Women that want it are everywhere, and I make it clear that IF I choose them they will be one of 3. Don't like it? There's the door. And I say all that shit with a smile. They smile back, but I know they hate it.

    Everything is my way or no way at all. No equality or 50-50 bullshit.

    I wish I would've just built a lucrative practice before taking up with ANY woman. I would have avoided a lot of unnecessary anguish.

    1. Men, focus on making your money, not girl-friending and wifing. Women will be all over you begging for a shot.
    2. Never get married. Don't be a dumbass and toss 50% of your present and future earnings in the trash.
    3. Take your semen with you. Everytime. No porn-style cumshots to the face or anywhere else. Women are extremely clever and will figure out how to get your goop. They will do ANYTHING for a lifetime payday at your expense.

    Works for me. And very well.

  9. You know you speak the truth Mr.Popp, I have a sister-in law that was married, had two children by said husband, she went for her LVN certification, decided that she wasnt happy with said husband, started to cheat on him with several guy, the reason she gave for doing this is because 1. He wasn't trying to better himself (G.E.D. He was too busy supporting her and the kids to even worry about that) 2. He gained weight (Compared to most he is pretty thin) 3. Nothing sparks (WTF Ever that means). Now she's pretty much sleeping with any and every "Buff" guy she can grab, and she revels in the idea as a self proclaimed "Man Eater". Her and her mother who is messing around with a married man was trying to get my wife to do the same.

  10. You know who will pay for the IVF treatments of old hags (35+) over here in the Netherlands? Men. By taxation and higher healthcare premiums. Because IVF is covered here up to 3 tries. Really sick. If you can't give birth, it's natures way telling you that you are not fit for giving birth. Maybe you are TOO OLD…. Had your chance, next!!!
    Don't play for God with your IVF. If the kitty didn't want you, you don't want the cat.
    Any man that went without dozens of pussy in his college years and then get some leftover woman in here late twenties/thirties pregnant is a beta-cuck.

  11. Fuck them 'literally' and leave, don't fuck women you know, don't give them you're real name or where you live/work,get a cab so the whore can't get the tags,pay cash never CC, have you're ph on record the whole time,best bet is pay a cute whore empty you're balls and say goodbye, woman not required or any value when you're balls are empty,that way you keep your stuff and happiness.

  12. Oh, and the whores who have donor sperm got the law changed so they can still get you for support, can't wait for life like robots,lol but even now women are saying its abuse if you have one,but what's the top selling sex item?,thats right…DILDO'S..fucking whores.

  13. 50 years of Psycho Shaming Language, from illogical, irrational female/feminist fools. Cuntopia is well on its way to collapsing. No problemo, just blame men, it will then go away. Let them do a Slut Walk, the feminazi idea of reasonable and rational.

  14. Ok a woman can go to a sperm bank, but we all know that is not the issue. Nope, not at all, what the women want is not just a sperm donor, what they want is a money source.
    They want to get married , have a kid or two, get "unhappy", ie get stupid wreck the marriage, run the daddy off, then use the crooked corrupt system to reduce the man to a financial slave with virtually no rights and then wonder why men don't want to play this game any more.

  15. Popp tells the truth. My girl left me 7 years ago cause I wasn't educated. I got my BSN, and she married a prison guard… lmfao… now I get to bang 22 year old interns and use lamb skin rubbers cause I'm fixed!!! Love ya popp

  16. Can you imagine some chewed-up bitch telling you about her frozen egg on the first date?

    Like hey, "Lemme see your tax return, and if I like what I see l'll blow you a bit after this movie… but you gotta blast into this frosty pickle jar."

  17. I love it. Educated women want an educated partner. What about the guys that can rebuild an engine with duct tape and bailing wire…..what about the guys that can literally frame a roof over your head. What about the guys that make your yard look like a beautiful golf course, what about those giants that work on the moving trucks or deliver lumber or sheetrock all day, what about the infantry grunts who would give their life for their country.

    What makes a man aint all about what a man makes. Any woman that passes or fails a partner just based on his "financial status" in the world is a stupid cunt.

  18. Well, it certainly is comforting to know that the worldwide experts in medical anthropology aren't wasting time with trivial shit like cancer treatments or other curiosities like that.
    Let's find a "scientific" answer why no man wants to fuck a 30 year old CUNT with a Ph.D. in "art therapy".

    Dear Educated CUNT,
    The guy who knows how to fix your kitchen pipe that just burst, is the same one you deem too "under-educated" for you.
    Roll your little degree into a dildo-shaped tube, and FUCK yourself with it.

    PS: Ya know what a "medical anthropologist" is??
    Someone who doesn't know how to do a MOTHERFUCKING THING.

  19. Dear Frozen-egg Feminists,

    Seeing how, according to you, the unborn don't have rights, what if all the frozen eggs were destroyed by a "pro-choice" militant who wished to FREE you from future burdens??


  20. When mothers told their female children that "they can have it all" and "fake it until you make it" they lied to you ladies. Your mothers lied to you and you made uneducated decisions. Stop blaming men.
    Can we finally admit that women's egos sabotaged themselves?
    Women chose poorly. So much for being "empowered" and "more educated" right ladies?
    Can we just admit that raising young boys into independent, confident young men is more important to our society than raising young girls for the mere fact that: "women don't want to lead, they want a leader."