Why Soldiers Leave The Military!

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: A Combat Veteran


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  1. Dude, not to be disrespect but as a fellow U.S Marine Combat Veteran… you sound like a b— ! You must've been a POG in the Army ! I've served 24 yrs in the Infantry from Desert Storm to OIF in Fallujah. But, never would I ever diss the military or, what I had to do ! There are unpleasant things we all must do, whether it is in the military or, civilian life. The Armed Forces is still is a "volunteer force" which, means no one forced YOU to join. So stop your bitching, grow some balls and, move on with your life. All you're doing is helping to create a draft in the future by scaring off the next generation of young people. Learn how to be a positive motivational speaker and, stop emphasizing​ on just your negative experiences. If it was so bad then, stop collecting and receiving all your government benefits you've been entitled to…speak on that !

  2. i had the same response when they dropped that trans gender training on us in the navy. i had a few people in my battalion that were in the process of transitioning to malefemale

  3. 👍👍thumbs up👊👊👊FDC kdk again !! Fucked again fucked again !!! You know it's bad when you make your own cadence knowing brigade comes down and you get screwed and it whoo hoo getting deployed again and of course first ones in!!! And 🤔always last to leave😡💪💪💪

  4. #1 reason: BULLSHIT ROE and the media, academia, and even our own fucking units throwing us under the bus for actually killing bad hombres. We get ambushed and send a 120mm into a fortified house and THE NEXT FUCKING DAY Stars and Stripes is accusing us of war crimes.

  5. I retired last year…as a SGT (E-5). MOS was 42A and 798. Nope, didn't bother with pursuing SSG just to end up doing the same jobs I was stuck at. You know, squad leader doing babysitting duties…I mean counselings for (pick one), doing jobs that absolutely had nothing to do with my MOS (gate guard, etc.), being overweight when I really didn't look overweight while doing over 50+ PUs, 60+ SUs, and 15-min 2 mile runs on APFTs (age gets to you in your final five years, believe that), getting counseled by your commander for being overweight who drives to your place of duty and just literally hands you the counseling while the company First Sergeant is getting knocked up in her office by one of her NCOs at 16:00 on a Friday, makes you go to F5 school only to be sent home because you were a 1/8" over your body fat only to get thrown in that F5 position without that identifier and throws you in that position with literally no experience of any type of postal operations in Afghanistan (FOB Ramrod / Safari Karez 2011), leaves you with just two Soldiers and no other support at the KAIA Post Office while four other post offices in the Kabul cluster that our 15+ comrades (that I asked for the entire nine-month deployment only to get one in the final two months of it) are told not to do anything with the mail thanks to civilian contractors running them), etc. Maybe I'm glad not to have wasted my time with all that BS since I chose not to suck dick or kiss ass especially to a disrespectful BN CSM who looked like the black man's version of Ahkmed the Terrorist who I still love to this day want to punch him in the throat. I guess biting my tongue all the way to my final out earned me my honorable discharge with retirement on my DD214.

  6. I went into the military in order to get the GI Bill, with no desire to stay in any longer than had to. Six years of my time in exchange for two college degrees was a pretty good trade as far as I was concerned. My 91B (now 68W) MOS also lead right into a civilian job in EMS too.

  7. That transgender crap is reason enough to leave. I guess they "teach" you how to behave towards them? Not to make jokes etc? Okey, so you guys are supposed to put your lives in the hands of people that are so soft that their feelings needs protection? Like there isnt enough things that can get you killed. Sounds like its best to stay in school!

  8. I got out because of politics. This black female being promoted because of a "quota" system. Remember that the military is part of the Federal Government though.

    Seriously. I have so many AAMs that I can't even remember how many. 2 ARCOMs, one from Korea and the job I did over there and for volunteering to go to Somalia twice in the early '90s. There was only two weeks between deployments. Two humanitarian medals for Somalia and two more AAMs. Every tome I went to the field I got an AAM. Most people thought I was just kissing ass but I hated being in Garrison. PT sucked but not why I got out but one reason why I volunteered for field duty in the way of support. I passed every PT test but would fall out of runs because I hated running. And then being a support unit there was always some stupid ass PT like aerobics or other dumb shit. I loved free PT and doing weight training. If I was big and bad enough, why run? In Korea which was a one year tour, I signed up for another year. In two years I made E4P. Again fellow soldiers thought I was kissing ass but I hated PT and actually volunteered for every commitment that I could to get away from the Camp. I was once asked by the CO why I was volunteering for everything and not showing up for formations and I gave him the same answer…. I hated hanging around.

    One word of advice? If you join the military, pick a job you like. Pick a job that you may want after you ETS that you can actually use in civilian life.

    Seriously though? Transgender Sensitivity Training? I have nothing against anyone as long as they meet the requirements and can handle if shit goes downhill but damn… Stop forcing certain groups on the military. When I was in we knew who was gay and who wasn't. Big deal but if I shared a fighting position with them then they better know how to fire the M16 or M4 accurately and not be a pussy about it. No pun intended. It is the same with females. Men and women are different in the way the act or react. Do I think that women should be 11 Bravos? No. Do I think that they should be in forward units? No.

    But the military is a good thing because if nothing else it will teach you more about yourself and how to handle authority in the proper way.

  9. I wanted to sign up as a physician assistant, and was told about the 18X program due to my PT score (in the 270) and I can ruck 20 miles
    The recruiter made it so that if I didn't make the 18X I still would go to PA school
    I was diagnosed with a minor heart defect, and got re-classed as a Cab-scout
    To add to it the doc put me on a 4 month dead man profile telling me that I was going to be medical discharge then set me to cab land and the army wondered why my PT dropped to 210

    To rub salt into the wound after being at my Troop for a 5 months I was just told that the doctor mixed up the files and I should have gotten into the program

    Don't do the 18X program it screw so many people over
    I'm now trying to get out on a breach of contract

  10. Hey Combat, enjoy your channel.  You’re on point with all your videos.  I retired out of Fort Huachuca, Arizona.   My duty (WOMOS 311A), required me to wear “civvies.” One day, one of my Sergeants, asked me to accompany him to central issue so that he could sign for “two (each) berets”.   He also worn civvies, but- because he was going to a service school, he had to have the beret. 
    When we arrived, I informed him I would wait in the car.  He coaxed me into central issue by telling me that I was authorized to sign for two berets.  Curiosity got the better of me, so I went in.  I tried on the beret, immediately knew it was my time to retire.  Despite, being on the promotion list, I immediately submitted my retirement paperwork. 
    The thing is, I could go years without having to put on a uniform, but something about the beret “told me it was time to go.” 
    I retired in 2001, so a lot has changed. Anyone reading this, my advice is if you are in, stay in.  My, retirement pay is great.  I see family members and friends in my age group worrying about their retirement status.  For me, joining the military was the best decision I made.

  11. Today I have been dealing with the death of a battle buddy. A lot of people have been trying to find something to pick me back up, but this video has managed to do it. The transgender sensitivity training section not only raised me back up, but it made me laugh harder than I have in a while.

  12. thank you for your service to our country God bless I would definitely not agree with transgender sensitivity and long hours of sleep depravity does get very tiring the greatest thing I would think vets would probably if they've been long tours and combat missions would be they just simply want to start a new way of life I can't really say much for myself but been through some things and even though I'm a man and used to like action movies and stuff like that I don't watch it cause it brings back things been but yet I do love my country can't really talk to many about stuff I can do or have they don't understand the concept of remote viewing and they see a man heal set bones and use fire within on tumors and stuff without saying or anything it be used for the military it demonic and shouldn't talk about so maybe it didn't happen either way God bless the military and may we all obtain peace within as we fight the good fight without love all be blessed

  13. I didn't know you could leave. I thought you were stuck for 8 years.

    And what the hell? Transgender sensitivity training? If you're in the military, dick, pussy, or other then you're a soldier. Grow a pair of balls and/or ovaries and man/woman/other-up.

    Seriously we need to see this power point. LOL