What if Your Ex Killed Your Dog? | Live From The Lair

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When you get married, the state attaches a parasite to you.

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24 Replies to “What if Your Ex Killed Your Dog? | Live From The Lair”

  1. I have a 12 ga riot gun, an ak and about every cal handgun except for a 40. in my bugout kit I keep a 22 rifle. ammo is no prob with any of these. I do have dragons breath too. I love the look on peoples face when you shoot that.

  2. Recently, I let my sister watch my dog. She kept it and sold it. I got the dog from a neighbor. She was a puppy so I just gave him 100$ for it. No license, no paper trail… I was training the hell out of that dog. Taught her to sit even when she wanted to drink water or eat. If I told her to stay, while she was moving for water or to eat, she would, and if I told her to sit, she would. Took a long time to get her to understand the difference between sit and stay. Also, I could get her to walk with me without a leash for short distances (she was a learning puppy). Anyway… no paper trail, and someone has your dog and it's not chipped… it's not your dog.

  3. Listen, if your piece of shit ex kills your fucking dog, play it smart, and either destroy a whole bunch of her property, or get the police, with tons of information on her issues, and the whole situation. Let losers be losers, instead of joining them.

  4. Popp, you're doing the Lord's work by letting all of the young guys know about the games these females play. That knucklehead who thinks you're evil has no concept of reality. I just wish I would have heard this type of info a few years earlier. Thanks for doing these videos and passing on this info.

  5. It is simple: They want further suffering so after taking the direct approach they try to hurt again by destroying the pet, which tied by affection to its master creates suffering indirectly. It is cruel and cowardly. Ironically, the world suffers from too much cowardice, whatever the issue.

  6. I care about my dog more than I care about most people. So if anyone hurt my dog, weather it be a friend, girlfriend, etc., they'd probably be found a little worse for wear in the not too distant future.

  7. First time viewer. I want to know how you got a wall and a corner and shelves That's A LOT of male space. It's making me suspicious.
    All Men. Call your congress critters. Demand DNA testing at birth. Call them EVERY day. No more men being slaves to fraud.