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is a Canadian politician. He currently serves as an lor, representing in Ottawa’s east end. He was first elected in the municipal elections.

Prior to entering politics, Mitic served in the as a sniper. He lost both of his legs in a landmine accident while fighting in the War in in 2007.[3]

During his recovery, Mitic worked through some of his psychological issues with a computer program named Ellie,[4] which tracks facial expressions and speech patterns to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

As part of his physical rehabilitation, Mitic successfully recovered and ran in an Achilles 5-km run with prosthetic legs. In 2013, he and his brother Cory competed in The Amazing Race , finishing in 2nd place. Following his appearance on the Amazing Race, Mitic became a motivational speaker and an advocate for wounded veterans and people with disabilities.

Mitic was elected following the departure of long-time city councillor . Mitic won with close to one third of the vote, about 1800 votes ahead of his nearest competitor, Laura Dudas.

Mitic lives with his wife and two daughters in the Chapel Hill neighbourhood of Orleans. His wife, Alannah Gilmore, had been one of the medics who treated him after his injury in .[3] Mitic wrote a book about his experience in in a memoir titled Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian