Mind-Blowing Facts About Veterans! (Vanity Fair Parody)

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  1. I know there are a couple of veterans in the comments. Im not sure which branch I should join. I was thinking of Joining the Armored Corps, 82nd Airborn, or infantry. Im not really sure. I heard alot of accidents happen in the 82nd and your knees and bones are worn out. And my father was was a armored infantry says that tanks are a hassle and a deathtrap. If you could offer me some advice and opinions that would be great.

  2. Nations come together as one, forming candles in the sun.
    The candle burns deep inside his head.
    His Wax mind finally dead.
    His Wax mind, they all had learned, held the secrets of those that burned, in the valleys with a gun.
    They still didn't reach the sun.

    Nations come together as one, sending killers on the run,
    Controlling the crowd, they take the killers' place bold and proud.
    Even if I wasn't dead, I'd see the dying straight ahead,
    Believe in your own destiny, life is not, you seem to be.

    Nations come together as one,
    chase the children on to the desert,
    Let them frizzle away and fry,
    Although in their mothers eye,
    We can do or say anything,
    As long as we're allowed to think.
    Let's make an example of them all,
    Take the institution down to a fall.

  3. Folks, something that may not have been mentioned in his videos in the past is that roughly 60% of all discharged/retired veterans will continue to wear some part of thier issue military field uniform years after they have left the service. Patrol cap, ABU pants, combat desert boots or combination of all the above. By the way, I fall into the retired portion. Wear my boots almost daily with khaki pants and a black or blue Nike or Armored brand polo. Don't believe me? Take a look at my avatar with the Florida Troopers. You can't see my sage green military boots but trust me, they are on there. Comfortable as hell. When they wear out I will be buying another pair! Sad, I know. I need help. 🙂

    I have only been retired for 5 years now. Too soon to let go. 🙁 Oh, and I forgot to mention. Over 30% Will continue to get thier military style haircut. In my case, it's the tried/true high and tight! Told myself once I retired I would let it grow out like one of those classic rock bands and grow me a taliban beard. Only able togo as far as a goat-t and a few inches on my hair. not to sure if I am ever going to feel comfortable letting myself go that far.