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talks everything from the alleged “Russian hack” to the in-fighting among men in the western world. Knock that shit off.

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22 Replies to “Drinking Soup and Talking Poop | Live From The Lair”

  1. Why do you want to live in Joo York when they are hypocrites in gun control? Military veterans absolutely get no respect once they leave the military and treated like criminals. Theft of retirement and not being able to carry when every Muslim is welcome to USA is insane!

  2. Good stuff.
    As for the UK, the Child Support is called the Child Support Agency at least last I looked. They have a fair amount of power, but they can`t send cops to your door like they can in America, neither can they lock you up in jail, I think… It never got that far with me anyway.

    They can take cash right out of your wages whenever and very quickly. Here`s the abridge version of my situation otherwise I`d be writying a novel:

    When we were basically separated I was paying child support to my ex on an agreed amount. She decided it wasn`t enough, but I couldn`t afford more. She decided to tell the CSA that I wasn`t paying anything at all. Of course, since I was handing cash to her on a what I thought was `good terms` I had NO PROOF, no receipt. Anyway I wrote letters to the CSA explaining this. Silence.

    Then suddenly I had a letter saying the CSA was going to take a huge amount of cash out of my wages starting that week! I couldn`t afford it. They didn`t care.

    I got a second job, still couldn`t afford it- Lost my jobs. Ironically, that actually made things better for a while… I didn`t have the money, they couldn`t do anything.

    Got another job. After some effort got custody of my daughter (looong story). CSA took money out of me again and kept taking it. Told `em I was now in custody of my daughter. made several phonecalls, wrote several letters. Nearly two years later still taking money. My ex was still taking Child Support with no child. Couldn`t afford a solicitor. My only option was to go to my Member of Parliament for the first time in my life. Didn`t expect anything to happen or for them to even listen.

    He was very understanding to my surprise. He sent a very official letter to the CSA and BAM! The CSA apologised, instantly stopped taking payments and paid me back what they`d taken. However their compensation payout was pathetic. Corrupt misandric evil in my view. I never asked for more i was just glad that that nightmare was ended. These guys are bastards, I`d spent years explaining in detail to them but they only stopped when an official guy took notice.

    I worry for other men going through the same shit.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy the lair monologues thanks for making them. I'm a well spoken Irishman don't worry there are a handful of us (mostly because we lay off the uisce bheatha or whiskey as it is better known). Uisce bheatha actually means "the water of life" in the Irish language go figure!

  4. Popp, WTF are you doing living in New York? That where your girls are? Because that would be the only thing that could possibly make me enter New York.

    Women are never made to pay support, I had joint custody of my son and I still paid his mom support even though she earned more at the time. When I got custody of my daughter she was only assigned $50 a month, of which she never once paid and the state refused to enforce the support.

    Taurus? Figured you for at least a 1911 guy, or maybe a Glock or S&W M&P guy. Rounds count. I tried to be a bad guy and stick it out, I finally realized that don't work, they have to change you to a beta and if they even can, then they lose all the womens respect and then divorce anyway.

    if you are Alpha give up on any idea of having a long term relationship. Once I realized this my life has been great! And now I can retire at 56 because I did all my stupid fucking shit when I was still young enough to recover and rebuild my wealth.

  5. Woah Popp, a .303? I assume it's a Lee Enfield of sorts? Noice! I didn't think those were at all popular in the US. It's more than just a deer rifle; my family have hunted moose with those buggers for generations even though they're a TAD weaker than .308. Still, great taste, the No.4 Lee Enfield specifically is my most favourite standard-issue Military bolt action ever made! That's the one with the aperture sights. If the .303 your friend has has a 10-round magazine then it's basically guaranteed to be a Lee Enfield, and if it has notch-and-post sights then it's most likely a Mk.III* Lee Enfield. The No.4 has the ghost ring and front sight post, while the carbine-length version with roughly 18-20" or so barrel and flash hider is the No.5 "Jungle Carbine".

    I'm something of a Lee rifle connoisseur.

  6. I been stuffing rifle cartridges on a RCBS Rock Chucker Press since 1968! Bought it with some of my lawn mower money- one of the best things I ever bought, 49 years of trouble free service and thousands of rounds of 270's 7mm RM, 6.5 x55, 7 x57, 300 Weatherbys, 338's and a bunch more! Nothing wrong with going out and shooting a 303 British, the Lee Enfields were and are great rifles! My only regret in life that I really regret is that I almost bought a 303 and didn't, it was a little shot Holland and Holland double rifle, at the time, I didn't think I should part with 5K for it, and by the time I talked myself into it, it was gone! That gun would be worth North of 30K today!

  7. No "Action Guilt". Don't do it. I spent 11 years in, 8.5 years of that overseas straight with no CONUS time, never fired a single shot, never had anything more than a tense staredown on the DMZ with some N. Koreans that ended up in a lot of laughing once we got back. Shooting wasn't my job, and I sure as hell won't feel guilty for never having drawn enemy fire.

  8. I have a question for you that I would really like to know your opinion about. I know your view on women on the front lines on active duty. What do you think would happen if a female soldier on the deployment in a platoon, who gets pregnant, one way or the other and is killed, thereby, her unborn child is killed, even if she didn't know at the time? Also, if a soldier gets pregnant and has to leave her comrades, how does that get handled? What if it's you and a female soldier, and you get wounded and need to be carried off the field, and she can't carry you because of the new lower standards for female soldiers?