When Your Buddy’s Wife is Cheating… | Live From The Lair

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examines a lot of unfavorable positions with this batch of and feminist hate mail.

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39 Replies to “When Your Buddy’s Wife is Cheating… | Live From The Lair”

  1. you do not fuck around with another man's wife. That goes against all honor that men should have by default. I don't care if she is a serial whore and if its not your cock it would be someone else's…..you don't want to be associated with that. If you think you're in love with another man's wife….you're a fool. If you're just looking for a rump and bump….there are plenty of single whores out there.

  2. That happened to me with my first wife. My buddy from high school told me my wife was cheating on me. I confronted my wife and she said who are you going to believe Christian or your wife. I believed my wife and Christian and I got into a fight. I found out a month later, while in tech school, she was cheating on me. But Christian and my friendship was never the same.

  3. Here's a Military-related question; I tried to join twice. Second time, after the Aptitude and Medical, one of the guys literally took me aside and said "you're too smart for Infantry". Infantry is what I wanted even though I was well into my 20s and not in the best of shape, they told me if I got in I'd be the oldest one of the bunch which was surprising to hear. Still, I pursued, and in the end was denied. Is it true that sometimes they'll try and steer guys from the Infantry for being 'too smart' or was it basically a nice way of saying "Nah, you can't hack it in the Infantry, try something easier." I imagine it may very well have been a mix of both, and I kind of regret pretty much saying "No, I don't want to try anything else, just Infantry". Then again I've got my writing career coming along nicely which I might not have gotten around to if I'd have gotten in the Military so perhaps it's a sort of blessing in disquise. Still disappointed in myself that I lost my chance at joining the Infantry, but hey, who knows, maybe I'll go back and be an Armourer, a Supply Technician, an Armoured Soldier, or something like that. My apologies if I got any of those trades misspelt.

    Oh yeah, and though I did/do have an XBOX body, I can still walk long distances, even with a bit of a load, and I can still do push-ups and sit-ups pretty decently. I am losing weight, and a couple months ago I actually got down to try doing push-ups again for the first time in quite a while and managed 7 without even winding myself or breaking a sweat which means I can obviously do much more than that. Once I lose 20-30lb or so, I'll be able to do up-downs like a fucking beast. Can also connect with man-sized targets out to about 400m (440yd) with WWII rifles, so there's that, but I understand that shooting is actually only a small part of being in the Military.

  4. I was watching another video about the Paris accord a few days ago (can't remember exactly who it was from). What the video said about it was that the countries decide themselves what they want to pay and/or do, so basically nobody was forcing America to pay more or less than anyone. Can't say it's like this for sure, but that would mean that America backed out with no good reason. Everything about it was voluntary.

  5. Understand that women don't marry you.
    They marry the state.
    Her contract is with them, not with you.
    She has no financial or legal obligations in the marriage contract.
    All legal and financial obligations reside with the husband, but virtually no commensurate authority under that contract.

  6. I divorced never got to see my daughter was forced to pay child support anyways and was told I am a deadbeat and entirely to blame for the whole thing, I had my bank account frozen and was banned from renewing my drivers license due to being behind on child support even though I have mental health problems and couldnt hold a job for the longest time. When I did have a steady job they took entire paychecks from me and wouldnt refund any even though they arent allowed to take it all they told me they couldnt send any back just deduct it from what I owe. I went homeless because of shit like that. When I hear a female complain about why men wont commit I face-palm, the whole game is stacked against a guy in Canada, I offer condolences when a guy says he's getting married, its a shame because marriage and stable households are important for children, the state is no substitute

  7. My 14yr old son was 2 months premature and my 11 yr old son suffered traumatic birth which resulted in brain damage. I was in my early 30's when I had my kids and married to dad (for 19 years and NO IVF – I'm just crappy at making kids). Not only is my youngest son still struggling daily with his problems but it also took a huge financial and emotional strain on the family for about 8 years. Send that dumb woman who says you are being mean about IVF to me and I will give her some truth you can't find on Google.

  8. At least you still have some friends. When my marriage went bad and i lost nearly everything. I also lost ALL my friends. I could understand if it was my fault that the marriage ended but it was her sleeping around for 2 years behind my back.

  9. I have been against donating sperm for awhile, I am glad you are starting to talk about it.  Where the fuck does all that cum go anyways?  Is there like a super secret cum shower rich people use to stay young or something.  Seriously though, that's a shit ton of cum, there are can't be enough eager vaginas to fill the amount we donate?  Can there?

  10. Honestly, I have a few SM [single mother] friends.
    And for my job I see a LOT more.
    And at 46 years old, I must admit to the most startling coincidence I've witnessed thus far in life:

    Satan must REALLY BE everywhere. Because every single SM I've ever come in contact with happened to be married to Satan.

  11. dear popp. my divorce came out of the blue 17 years ago. all of my friends went with her, and several key embers of my family as well. I fought to get my kids back for 7 years, and failed because by that time the only job I could not get fired from was truck driving (because it isolated me away from fucking humans). so basically I've spent the last 12 years all alone in the cab of a 18-wheeler. over the last 5 years I started rebuilding my credit (was 315 because of her, now it's 760+) and I'm considering buying a house
    I have been completely unable to even so much as GET a date, let alone as nookie (pussy).
    I'm older (43), a bit heavy set (because food has been my only solace), and now own more guns than you own swords (matter of fact I just got another one today).

    point being, I didn't have you or anyone else when y divorce happened. I'm still emotionally broken because of that and 17 years of rejection.

  12. Don't forget the divorce post,how to get you're money etc away from her slutty claws before it hits the fan, keep what you know under you're belt 'difficult yes' but letting the slut know you know is a rash move, she's fucked you already, you don't have to pay the bitch also,be quiet be smart accept YOU made bad choice and you will be ok.

  13. Well outside the one spam phone call this week, my phone didn't ring at all. I have been down and out a couple of times in life, you find out right quick who are your fair weather friends are. I been going it alone for a few decades now, I sleep well at night, no major health issues. May not be the best way to go but, on the other hand, I am pretty much free to do as I choose to do, I fish a lot, and of course, there is big game hunting in season. September on the Elk River in Alberta this year, I will fish not see a soul and eat some good Prime Alberta Beef and drink a good bit of beer, my doctor may not like it but she is not my wife so I really don't care, I am 62 now and I know that the grave will come soon enough.

  14. 13:10 Popp, If you are going to trash whores for being whores you can’t give the men a pass that use them. Why is the dick carousel bad but the pussy carousel good? If no decent man wants to write a check against a whore, why would any decent woman want to write a check against a whoremonger?

  15. Could we get sources on the claims about the Paris Climate Accord? I was under the impression it was just the countries setting their own goals and not being held to them. It seemed more like a feel-good thing than anything else. Maybe I missed something though.

  16. YOU SAID IT!!! Haven't done shit. (i.e. "men have allowed themselves to be stripped of children and haven't done shit"). It's a damn good question about what to do however. E.g. imagine huge marches (e.g. like the pussy hat ones… but this time about a serious issues). Right? Right? Or not? What if that just caused a backlash that clamped down even harder based on fear mongering that men are out to hurt women? I could actually see that happening and it would be used to amplify the feminist agenda even more (through constant lying about men and what they might be motivated to see their kids, etc). So it's a problem. But I agree with your sentiment.

  17. I was working my normal bar job once when I saw my buddy's wife doing something with another man in the back stairwell. I confronted her and told her- either you tell him in your own way within a day, or i'll tell him MY way. Instead, she tried to start a fucked up rumor about me. It didn't work. He decided to stay with her and have two more kids. Eight years later they divorced.