Veteran Shows Brother How To Drive!

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  1. The reason I like your channel and actually watch your videos is for 2 very simple reasons. 1. I'm a veteran and the shits funny. 2. they're short, sweet, and to the fucking point, no one wants to watch 15 mins of nothingness while alot of these YouTubers get to there initial point of the dam video. They're all soup sandwiches in opinion. keep up the good shit.

  2. hey veteran i am thinking about joining the army and i have a question. in the game ghost recon wildlands you can posses 2 primary weapons (a sniper and an assault riffle, that is just an example) and a secondary (pistol) so that got me wondering can i have 2 primary weapons and a secondary in the army because my favourite weapons are the m4a1, the barrett and the m1911

  3. I know there are a couple of veterans in the comments. Im not sure which branch I should join. I was thinking of Joining the Armored Corps, 82nd Airborn, or infantry. Im not really sure. I heard alot of accidents happen in the 82nd and your knees and bones are worn out. And my father was was a armored infantry says that tanks are a hassle and a deathtrap. If you could offer me some advice and opinions that would be great.