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Chris Linford’s book “Warrior Rising- a soldier’s journey to PTSD and back”, is an up close and personal look at how the traumatic events he endured while deployed impacted him as well as my . It delves into the treatment he attended as well as some of the peer related activities he participated in to get his back on track allowing him to live a normal life again! The book is intended to be a springboard for other veterans allowing them to realize they are not alone with this injury; and there is hope!

Phase One consists of a five-day in house retreat gathering five couples at a resort to learn together about PTSD as well as new s to help battle this injury as a team vice in isolation. This group is led by two Trauma Therapists as well as a support couple; together they help guide the new community to provide support to each other through the exercises, gaining from the personal and relationship experiences of each other. Each member of the couple becomes a “force multiplier” thus gaining significant new strength as a couple to move forward towards a ier and happier life.

Phase Two consists of a six-month Model that employs weekly contact from the assigned coach who will guide each couple in the achievement of their s set during phase one. This process continues the and practice of new s helping to keep the couple focused and within their own environment where the tendency to resort to previous behaviours will be strong. The importance of the of the relative to the path of healing for the injured veteran has been acknowledged by the mental community but has largely been ignored in delivery and programming; the COPE Program emphasis on the couple seeks to correct this issue.